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I’ve been trying to find some information about Field Trials for some time now. The rules and information about these events are not easy to come by.

Fortunately, a few friends pointed me to some info. Here’s what they showed I me. This info cleared up some of the questions I had about. I hope it does the same for you. If you know of any more resources, please send them my way: gregg@dogsanddoubles.com.

Organizations that support Field Trials:

Official website for the American Field Trial Clubs of America (AFTCA)
Rules, requirements and information:

AFTCA By Laws and Running Rules(pdf)

Minimum Requirements for Field Trials for all Pointing Dog Breeds (pdf)

Guidelines for Field Trials (pdf)

William Harnden Foster — Top Coverdog of the Year Award site

Information for New Trialers — from Harnden Foster Award site

Magazines about trialing:

American Field Sporting Dog & Field Trial News

Field Trial Magazine
Here’s my English Pointer Puck pointing a grouse:

Puck pointing

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