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Monthly Archive for June, 2008

As good as birds dogs get…

The internet is a great thing. I’m always amazed by the information I can find online. What’s out there is incredible. This Youtube video of Bob Wehles & crew with Elhew Cassie is an example of what I mean. Who would think that Youtube would have videos on it of these guys. But there it […]

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Who the heck was Guyot?

Shooting sportsman around the world know that there are a lot mysteries in the world of fine firearms, even today when the web makes information so easy to find. One of these mysteries is the gunmaker, or gunmakers, Guyot. Over the years, I’ve come across a bunch of double barrel shotguns with the name Guyot […]

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Check out this interesting article from yesterday NYTs: Furniture Restorer’s Allegations of Deception Shake Antiques Trade. Reading this reminded me of the stories I’ve heard about similar deceptions in the shotgun trade. While we’ve had a handful of high profile forgeries, like the phoney Czar’s Parker profiled a while ago in the Double Gun Journal, […]

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