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There were a lot of guns at the Southern SxS, probably over a thousand, and I think I saw most of them. Lots of nice guns, some great guns, but only one awesome gun. It was this E.M. Reilly 4 gauge side-by-side double barrel shotgun. In all original condition and with most of it’s original finish, it was spectacular.

E.M Reilly 4 gauge Double Barrel Shotgun

E.M Reilly 4 gauge Double Barrel Shotgun

Way back when dark clouds of ducks used to fill the sky and game laws didn’t exist, really big bore double barrels were the gun of choice for waterfowlers. All along the east coast, eight gauges, four gauges, and even twos were used to kill large number of ducks, or to bring down geese or even swans at long ranges.

2 Responses to “Awesome SxS at the Southern: Reilly 4 gauge Double Barrel….”

  1. […] that makes this 4 gauge side-by-side so special. In the last decade, I’ve seen two other 4s (this Reilly was one of them). Both of those were hammergun with damascus barrels. This one is much later […]

  2. Hello Greg: If you recall I had My E.M. Reilly 4-bore (which you helped me find) at the Southern along with Bill’s. He sold his there for big bucks. I still have mine in it’s original trunk case with tools & six Western shells in 00 Buck.

    Best Regards, George

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