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Ammo for an 8 gauge…

A bunch of ammo for an 8 gauge shotgun. I know, it doesn’t seem very impressive. But I challenge you to find some 8g ammo, especially modern stuff loaded with Bismuth. Try and you’ll understand why seeing a pile of it is so unusual.

8 gauge ammo

8 gauge ammo

Eight gauges went out of favor in the US at the end of the 19th century. In 1918, they were outlawed for waterfowl and other federally-listed migratory game birds. Once they were outlawed, use plummeted and ammo makers stopped offering shells. Now any 8 gauge ammo is hard to find. Collectors covet it and their the ones you tend to snap it up.

Today, many states have outlawed anything bigger than a 10 gauge shotgun on any kind of game animal (This is pretty dumb, actually. A 10g 3 1/2″ magnum throws just as much lead as an 8.) So unless you’re shooting pests like pigeons and starlings, an 8 gauge is just plain illegal for hunting.

That doesn’t mean people don’t use them. Some states allow them, some people just use them, and big bores like 8s and even 4 gauges are still legal for waterfowl in the UK. That’s where these cartridges came from. They were loaded for an American big-bore collector in the ’80s. I guess the guy had 6000 rounds made up for him. Yeah, 6000. I don’t know what he was shooting, but that’s a lot of shells.

8 gauge ammo

8 gauge ammo

8 gauge ammo

8 gauge ammo

71 Responses to “Ammo for an 8 gauge…”

  1. vampire slayer says:

    Probably getting ready for a zombie invasion.

  2. Bill says:

    I bought a lifetime supply of this ammo. I may never shoot one round of it, but I felt that “I needed it.”

  3. Gregg says:

    What a coincidence — me, too!

  4. Spencer says:

    do you want to sell any?

  5. Leon says:

    I would like to buy some also. I have a Manton 8-bore shotgun that I love to shoot! Thanks.

  6. steve harrington says:

    how much a box for the eley 8 guage ?

  7. Gregg says:


    Thanks for your email.

    I don’t want to sell mine.

    But this is the guy I bought it from:

    Gary Herman

    I spoke with him a couple months ago and he still had more.

    Do you have any 8g shotguns?


  8. steve harrington says:

    contacted the fellow and the bb shot is 3.50 per round, comparable to 10 ga. bismuth locally. thanks

  9. Gregg says:

    Yeah – it’s ain’t cheap. But it’s the only modern 8g ammo I’ve seen in the US. I doubt you ever see any again.


  10. steve harrington says:

    gregg, if you locate info on 4″ gevelot, or 4″ fiocchi in the 8ga, post it. i had seen image on a british site but can t duplicate the search. was modern stuff.

  11. Gregg says:

    I’ll let you know.



  12. Mike Pryor says:

    How much is this ammo worth?

  13. Gregg says:


    The dealer I got the stuff from was selling it to collectors for $3.50 a shell. Pricey, but a lot cheaper than some double rifle ammo.

    Thanks for the comment.


  14. Russell Hooper says:

    Ekey loaded it for sale in uk,one batch was sent to USA bismuth cartridge co .in the eley cataloug it listed it in no 1 no3 and bb size

  15. Frits says:

    do you want to sell any?

  16. Russell Hooper says:

    i dont have any for sale i had a friend in UK send me a couple of rounds for my collection. i load shells for 8 ga in lead shot or tungsten Matrix

  17. Mark Russell says:

    I have a bunch of 8 gauge ammunition as well. Winchester super X Magnum slugs, slugs, and buck. Let me know if anyone’s interested.

  18. John Bradley says:

    Would like to find one 8 ga brass shotgun case for dimensional purposes.

    We use the cases for seismic work in S America and want to have some cases made

  19. Jeremy Feuk says:

    If anyone still has some and wants to sell I am always in the market!!! shoot me an email.

  20. steve says:

    gadcustomcartidges.com, medford, WI, 715/748-0919 is your source for empty 8ga brass,$15; reloaded 8ga paper in nitro or black powder and he will load your brass for $40.00/25. havent talked to him in a year, but the website is current. this is seemingly a never-ending topic, so call them up. remember, industial csgs have a step, or band and may not chamber in your gun

  21. Shawn daigle says:

    I have 140 rounds of 8 gauge super x slugs if u know anyone that wants to buy them

  22. Gregg says:

    Cool. Can you tell me some more about them? Are they those commercial shells?



  23. Troy says:

    Looking for 8 guage ammo to buy.

  24. Gregg says:

    Thanks for the comment. Check out the comments on this post for info on a guy who had some for sale.

    Do you have an 8g?


  25. Troy says:

    Yes I do. It is a davenport.

  26. Gregg says:

    You can try reloading brass 8g shells. A couple companies out there offer them and the supplies to reload them. Try googling to see what’s out there.

    And be sure the check the chamber length in your Davenport. 8 gauges came in many different chamber lengths.


  27. Troy says:

    Thanks Gregg for the info. It is very helpfull.

  28. steve says:

    rockymountaincartridge.com has a nice length chart on its brass hull data sheet, check it out , they offer a little reloading kit too. thanks to gregg for that link!

  29. Ali says:

    Do you have any of the bismuth left for sale,I have the cash waiting!

  30. Gregg says:

    Mine 8g ammo is not for sale. But if you look at some of my earlier replies you’ll find contact info for someone who did have some for sale.



  31. Haus says:

    I have an abundance of Remington 3oz lead slug brass head rounds I would be interested in getting rid of

  32. Haus says:

    8 gauge that is

  33. Gregg says:

    I think those are industrial slugs used by foundries to clean their kilns. If they are, they are not for sporting guns.



  34. andy says:

    alan myers preston winmarleigh in the uk sells all 8 bore loads

  35. Gregg says:

    Thanks for the info. Here’s all his contact info:

    Alan Myers, Vicarage Farm, New House Lane, Winmarleigh, Preston Lancashire, England PR3 0JT
    Email is: gooseguns@talk21.com


  36. nicholas faciane says:

    I would like to get 1 or 2 cases from you if you have any left. Email me total price per case and money info. And if you have any 8 or 4 ga shotguns for sale thanks for your time…

  37. Gregg says:

    Sorry, but I’m going to send all of it to auction this spring. Stay in touch with me an I’ll let you know where it goes.



  38. Danny says:

    Looking for 8 gauge shotgun ammo? Do you know where to buy it?

  39. Gregg says:

    Hi Danny,

    Sorry, but I don’t. It does come up from time to time at Ward’s Auctions, so you may want to keep an eye on their upcoming sales.

    Do you have an 8g?


  40. ph whocares says:

    No kidding! I can’t imagine the recoil of a 10 gauge. Much less an 8 gauge???


  41. Gregg says:

    It’s not bad, at all. 8 gauges are big, heavy guns – usually 11-12 pounds or more. All that weight absorbs a lot of a recoil.

    Shooting heavy, 3″ loads through a lightweight 20 gauge is far worse.

    Thanks for the comment.


  42. Philip Grannan says:

    All, I have a Strong Signal Cannon (New Haven, CT) in 8ga and I’ve been going crazy trying to find blanks for it. I talked to the very brusque guy in Wisconsin and he doesn’t do 8 ga any more. I’d buy hunting loads, pull out the pellets and fire them as blanks and then reload the hulls. I’d really love to have a brass cartridge in 8 ga. My other choice is a removable 10ga sleeve. Any thoughts?

    Thank you

  43. Gregg says:

    Check this page out:


    And try going to http://www.google.com and searching for “8 gauge brass shotgun shell”.


  44. Russell says:

    I shoot 8 and 10 ga,shells are loaded with 2 to 3 oz lead, or tungsten matrix,hulls are winchester,remington,eley,dominion,fiocchi,ect paper or plastic. i use fiber or plastic wads’the 8 ga is light weight and has a heavy recoil.

  45. Gregg says:

    I bet there’s some kick. What do you shoot with the 8g?

    Thanks for the comment.


  46. jim s says:

    I have about 1000 pcs of new 8 ga shells sitting in a box.
    stamped ” Remington Industrial ”
    let me know if anybody is interested in some or all.

    email – liasknab@aol.com

  47. Gregg says:

    Have these shells been modified for use in sporting guns? Or are they the true industrial shells with the little rims around the middle of the brass?

    Remington Industrial Shells should never be used in any kind of 8g shotgun or sporting weapon.



  48. Ron says:

    If anyone has 4, 8, or 10 gauge rounds for sale I would like to buy a few rounds of each. These are purely for display since I do not own any of these gauge guns.

    Thanks, Ron

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