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The seller is calling this a Infallible Single Trigger. The Infallible was invented by a Brit named Alfred Lancaster and it was installed in all sorts of guns — from Parkers to Prussian Charles Dalys. You can read more about the Infallible here.

Infallible? Single Trigger

Infallible? Single Trigger


3 Responses to “On Ebay now: an Infallible Single Trigger…”

  1. Mike S says:

    Interesting. I bought a 1912 ‘C’ grade Fox 16 (5 lbs. 12 oz. with 28″ barrels) that had been fitted with an Infallible Single Trigger. It was wretched – the pulls could not be made acceptable. My solution was to obtain a set of factory double triggers, with original plate and sears from a small gauge Fox and asked Dennis Potter to ‘convert’ the gun to the original, factory configuration.

    This totally transformed the gun into a fine bird gun.



  2. Gregg says:


    Thanks for the post. That sounds like a great gun – and a ton of work to convert. Was it expensive?


  3. Mike S says:


    I don’t recall the exact amount of Dennis’ invoice. Maybe $1500? Filling the slot next to the safety slide, welding the new trigger plate in the correct position, tuning the sears… plus metal finishing.

    I do my best to just ignore the cost of a good smith’s work, after all, they are hard to find and a treasure when found.

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