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American Woodcock

American Woodcock

If you’ve spent any time checking out this blog, you know how much I love woodcock. Fortunately, a lot of folks feel this way about these little birds. Some of those folks have come together to reform Woodcock Limited, an organization of  “Hunters and other conservationists dedicated to the welfare of the American woodcock.” I encourage you to find out more about Woodcock Limited. From their website: “We work with local, state and national organizations and agencies to promote woodcock habitat creation, restoration and maintenance; woodcock and habitat research; and woodcock harvest management across the range of the American woodcock.”

If you can, please donate your time and money to their efforts. The future of our sport depends on conservation. Woodcock numbers are falling throughout North America. I want to make sure that I do all I can to make sure that trend swings in the other direction.

Woodcock Limited

Woodcock Limited

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  1. steve harrington says:

    jim low is the media info director for missouri conservation, which has a huge magazine distribution, and an interest in non-game species. would email them at ombudsmans (drenok@mdc.state.mo.us), and ask ken to pass it along to low. arkansas wildlife, http://www.agfc.com, is also big on rail, mudhen, snipe and woodcock

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