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A white Weimaraner

A white Weimaraner

A couple months ago I wrote this little piece about white Weimaraners. The other day, a couple of readers sent me these pics of their white Weim. It sure is a pretty dog.

Whether or not these dogs are 100% Weims is a contentious issue. To read more about these controversies and some possible answers to 100% Weim?, check out this post and this one, too.

A white Weimaraner

A white Weimaraner

A white Weimaraner

A white Weimaraner

6 Responses to “Another white Weimaraner…”

  1. Holly says:

    We too have a white weim, where can we send photos?

  2. Gregg says:

    You can send them to me at: gregg@dogsanddoubles.com



  3. Kyle says:

    I purchased a solid white weimaraner pup 10 years ago in Oklahoma, it was the only white pup in the litter. When she was bred to any AKC silver weimaraner ALL her pups came out silver & no different than any other weimaraner in the USA, 100% weimaraner. Which proves that she is 100% pure weimaraner herself. ALL the pups in her litters carry the white gene, it’s a simple recssive trait. It acts exactly the same way as the white doberman. So if you breed any two pups together that come from her, 1 out of 4 pups will be white, or if you breed her back to any of her sons, 2 out of 4 pups will be white. All the dog nuts can talk crazy, but this is the simple truth behind white weimaraners. I’ve seen other white weimaraners from google that are exactly the same color, tan hairs on their ears, mauve color noses & belly with a pink skin underneath their coat. Yes I have photos of the original white weimaraner, along with her litters.

  4. Gregg says:


    Thanks for the post. Very interesting dog.


  5. Alejandro says:

    Hi, my dog in november have had 2 White wiemaraners puppies, today i have only one. and they are 100% Weimaraners. I took them to the doctor and she said that they have nothing, they were 100% healthy!!

  6. Gregg says:

    Excellent. I’m glad they’re healthy. Best of luck with them.


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