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Steady with Style

Steady with Style

Do you ┬áhave those moments when you realize you’re the A-hole? It happens to me (too often?), and after I read Martha Greenlee’s the latest post at┬áSteady with Style, it happened to me again. I’ve made the mistake she outlines below many times.

“Besides a pinch-collar and check-cord, you use verbal commands and an e-collar to train your pointing dog. It is important to use one or the other, a verbal command or the e-collar but not at the same time. A good example is the “whoa” command. If your dog is creeping or under a bird, it takes a lot of self-discipline not to yell, “Whoa,” at the same time you correct your dog with the e-collar. Unfortunately, if you use them together very often, your dog may learn to associate the e-collar with the word “whoa,” and he can begin to blink birds.” Read all of the post now

One Response to “Great, so this means I’m the jerk?…”

  1. steve says:


    makes sense, always consider association, dog does linear association, has good memory too

    ‘ sound advice. the obvious is the most overlooked

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