Going…going…and I bet it’s gone…

20g A.H. Fox Sterlingworth, 28", Ejectors
20g A.H. Fox Sterlingworth, 28″, Ejectors

I put up a Good Gun Alert about this A.H. Fox Sterlingworth 20g yesterday. With some real nice original condition, 28″ bbls, and ejectors, I thought it was a great deal at just $1,399.

Well, it looks like someone else agreed. They moved on this shotgun right away and it looks it’s already sold. Good guns at good prices don’t stick around very long!

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1 thought on “Going…going…and I bet it’s gone…

  1. In my duck hunting book, “Bury Me In My Waders”, I tell of a unique
    experience I had as a downy-cheeked teenager, shooting a brace of greenheads off (believe it) a neighbor’s swimming pool out in a rural area. The gun I used was a 20 ga. Fox Sterlingworth given to me by my grandfather. Somehow, that gun disappeared over the years, and as I described in the book, “I’d seriously consider forfeiting an antiquated portion of my reproductive system and leasing a half acre considerably south of heaven in order to have that gun back today.”
    When I saw that little Fox up for bid, I toyed with tossing my hat in the ring for a few moments before remembering Thomas Wolfe’s book: “You Can’t Go Home Again”.

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