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A Holland & Holland Royal sidelock side-by-side shotgun

A Holland & Holland Royal sidelock side-by-side shotgun

Locks make a shotgun go bang. When you pull the trigger, the locks drop the hammer, hit the firing pin, and set off the shell.

This quick video gives you a good look at some Holland & Holland pattern sidelocks– the kind of locks used on some of the finest side-by-side shotguns in the world. It also compares a 5-pin lock to a 7-pin, and talks a little about the benefits of one over the other. Interesting stuff.

3 Responses to “Get into the guts of a sidelock shotgun…”

  1. […] But Browning hasn’t always been about stacked barrels. From 1971 t0 1987, they made a line of side-by-sides called the BSS. Starting in 1983, this line included a very well made sidelock shotgun. […]

  2. Tomas Lahi says:


    Please be aware that Browning has manufactured S&S side lock shotguns much earlier.
    I have 2 such shotguns (cal 12) with 7-pin side side locks in excellent condition…both made in the early 1930’s…..still working and in great shape.
    Cheers, Tomas

  3. Gregg says:

    Interesting. I didn’t know that. Do you have any pics?

    Thank you for your comment.


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