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20 gauge Orvis Upland side-by-side double barrel shotgun

20 gauge Orvis Uplander side-by-side double barrel shotgun

I think it’s going go! I’ve been watching this real nice little Orvis/Arrieta 20 gauge for a while now. It has been on Gunbroker.com for at least 6 months, and I’ve plugged it a couple of times as a great deal. But no matter what I’ve done, it just sat there. No interest.

Well, it looks like a couple smart folks are moving on it. It’s easy to see why. First off, this side-by-side has it all: sidelocks, 2-3/4″ chambers, 28″ IC/Mod barrels, 14 1/2″ LOP to a checkered butt, double triggers, and ejectors.

It’s also in real nice original condition, with almost all its color-case hardening and blueing.  And check out the stock. That’s classic Spanish walnut, and it has just enough figure to make the entire gun look great.

20 gauge Orvis Upland side-by-side double barrel shotgun

20 gauge Orvis Upland side-by-side double barrel shotgun

3 Responses to “Will it finally sell? An Orvis/Arrieta 20 gauge side by side…”

  1. Bill D. says:

    Gregg–it’s a nice gun, but without inspection privileges, I’d be hesitant to bid on any used item. It’s a 3K gun in todays market. Happy New Year!

  2. Gregg says:

    I missed that – thanks for pointing it out. “As Is” is a deal killer for me, and it’s foolish for a seller to insist on it (unless he knows the gun has some serious, undisclosed issues).

    Thanks for the post.


  3. Gregg says:

    BTW: I emailed the seller about his “As Is”, no inspection/return policy. He said it’s a used gun and he described it accurately. He said to judge him by his Gunbroker.com feedback.


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