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20 gauge CE grade A.H. Fox Shotgun

20 gauge CE grade A.H. Fox Shotgun

Nice smallbore A.H. Fox shotguns are tough to find, especially twenty-gauge CEs with straight grips. The one you see here looks like a decent example. But there are a few things about that have me scratching my head.

According to the seller, the stock and metal finishes on the gun are original. I’ve looked at the pics several times, and to me, the bbls and triggerguard look too blue and the checkering looks too sharp  — especially for a gun with so little original color-case hardening. Like I said, a real head scratcher……

20 gauge A.H. Fox CE grade Double Barrel Shotgun. Price: $17,500

Shotgun type: SxS

20 gauge CE grade A.H. Fox Shotgun

20 gauge CE grade A.H. Fox Shotgun

Action: Boxlock
Ejectors: Yes
Trigger: Double
Grip: Straight Grip
Forend: Checkered
Lop: 13 5/8 ”
Drop @ comb: 1 9/16 ”
Drop @ heel: 2 3/8 ”
Cast amount: 0 ”
Weight: 5 lbs, 12 oz

20 gauge CE grade A.H. Fox Shotgun

20 gauge CE grade A.H. Fox Shotgun

Finish: Brushed
Overall condition: Very Good
Stock condition: Very Good
Metal condition: Very Good
Stock: Original finish
Metal: Original finish
Type of Case: none

Barrel info:
Gauge: 20 ga
Chamber: 2 3/4 ”
Length: 26 ”
Chokes: Full Mod

2 Responses to “Does this 20 gauge A.H. Fox CE look odd to you?”

  1. Josh says:

    I looked at that this morning. I thought it was because there are basically zero case colors left but now that you mention it the barrels have definitely been re done and that makes the CC look less than what they really are. Either way for $17,500 it will be there for a while. A few years ago the CE 20 at Julia’s that had close to 99% case colors and 30″ barrels and single trigger went for $18k. This gun isn’t even close to that quality.

  2. CB says:

    I think this is a good example to bring up the dealer vs. private seller purchase…

    Particularly with these guys at G&H (In my experience) – if it’s not right, they make it right. They’ve got a long reputation in dealing high quality American (and other) SxS, and the current mgmt seems keen on keeping that reputation solid.

    So Yes, you are not getting a “deal” here (Although – just try and find another CE 20 straight grip….). But you do get some peace of mind. If your smith disagrees with how the Fox was represented, I have confidence G&H will work with you.

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