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Browning BSS Sidelock, 12 ga. Side by Side Shotgun:

Browning BSS Sidelock, 12 ga. Side by Side Shotgun

Here’s your chance to get a deal on a great double. This 12 gauge Browning BSS sidelock is on Gunrunnerauctions.com now. The listing ends tomorrow, 06/12/14 @ 19:00.

Browning had these sidelock BSSs made for them by Miroku from 1983-1987. Even though they were well made, they weren’t big sellers. Today, they have a bit of following among some very knowledgeable people like gunsmith James Flynn (find out why). Twelve-gauges with 28″ barrels usually sell for around $4500-$5000, (this one is $4999). So if  you can get this one for $3500 or less, you’ll get a good deal.

Browning BSS Sidelock, 12 ga. Side by Side Shotgun:  Serial #01001PW918, mfg. 1984 in Japan by Miroku. Excellent, like new condition. Perhaps test-fired – action is very tight and no apparent wear. Super nice and clean! Hard to find item that was only produced for a few years by Browning. Long discontinued (since 1988) and long mourned, these Sidelocks represented the best Browning side by sides and were a whole different upgraded animal when compared to the Grade One box-lock BSS’s as they had a straight grip English walnut upgraded stock with hand checkering, coin-finished engraved sideplates/all metal frame areas, checkered butts, double triggers and ejectors. This specimen is a dandy deluxe with nicely figured wood (one tiny impression on right side), 28″ solid rib barrel, M/F fixed chokes and steel front bead. Profusely scroll engraved on all three receiver sides, triggerguard, top lever and top tang – very pleasing looking. Splinter forearm with hand checkering. All matching iron. 2 3/4″ chambers. Bright bores. Fitted in a Browning brown hard case with brown interior – just one small tear on the top lid for wear.

Browning BSS Sidelock, 12 ga. Side by Side Shotgun:

Browning BSS Sidelock, 12 ga. Side by Side Shotgun

4 Responses to “Another auction alert: 12g Browning BSS sidelock, 28″ barrels…”

  1. Jeff Wemmer says:

    Looks like somebody got themselves a pretty good deal!

  2. Gregg says:

    Yeah – that’s a lot of gun for that little money.

    A new Spanish side-by-side would be 2X more for 1/2 the quality.


  3. Waqar Ajmal says:

    Hi, I like the browning BSS 12 guage side by side. How to bid for it? Regards, Waqar

  4. Gregg says:

    Hi Waqar-

    That auction has already ended.

    Thank for your comment.


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