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Even though the doubles you see here don’t look related, they share a feature that makes them cousins, or maybe even step brothers.

This feature is the rotary-fastening top bolt. The rotary-fastening top bolt was invented by Alexander T. Brown in 1883. A year later it found its first use on the side-by-side shotguns made built by a company owned by Lyman Cornelius Smith. The guns built by A.H Fox used a similar rotary-fastening top bolt, although the rest of Ansley’s shotguns are much different.

I’ve always like L.C. Smiths. I think they’re  just as nice as Foxes — especially LCs like the 16 gauge below.

LC Smith 16 GA, grade 2E SxS Shotgun

LC Smith 16 GA, grade 2E SxS Shotgun

LC Smith 16 GA, grade 2E SxS Shotgun: 28″ barrels that are choked full right and full left. Both bores are .661. Barrels are 80-85% original blue. Checkering is sharp and un-damaged. Engraving is sharp and clear, original case color remains at about 20% or so. The gun has great ejectors. Capped pistol grip stock with splinter fore-end. LOP is 14 1/2″ to a 1-1/4″ Whiteline pad. DAC 1 3/4, DAH 2 1/2. It has a 3 position safety. Manufactured in 1906. Price: $2,950

This 20g Fox CE is a hard gun to find. Fox made just 413 C-grades in 20 gauge. The first one (CE #200,011) left the factory on September 17, 1912 . This one was built 11 years later in 1923. While its price seems high, it’s not crazy. A minty, original one  like this is worth $18,000+.

A.H. Fox CE Grade 20ga Double Barrel Shotgun

A.H. Fox CE Grade 20ga Double Barrel Shotgun

A.H. Fox CE Grade 20ga Double Barrel Shotgun: 26″ barrels with Improved Cylinder & Modified chokes. Ejectors, single trigger, 14-3/8″ LOP, 5-3/4 pounds. Serial number 202010, 85% original barrel blue, outstanding wood & receiver with crisp engraving. Tight action, mint bores, a very nice high grade Fox 20ga. Price $11,950

2 Responses to “Hard to find American classics: 16g L.C. Smith 2E & a 20g A.H. Fox CE…”

  1. Steve Irving says:

    Gregg, Just a note to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. Also, you are not the only one who misses the shop at Kittery pt. I never did hear the circumstances that led to it’s demise. I too am smitten with fine sxs’s. Currently own a 21, VH, CE, and an SPE SPECIAL all of which for some reason are 26″ 20’s. I guess I just like’m slim, petite and pretty. If you ever get to the Far North I spend most of my time at Fraser Pt. Google C H FRASER INLET CAMPS. The coffee’s always on and there’s alway’s a bottle of Crown in the cupboard. Keep up the good work. Steve

  2. Gregg says:

    Hi Steve-

    Caribou- that’s way up there! I’m never been that far up in Maine. How was the bird hunting this fall? Any snow on the ground?

    It sounds like you have some nice doubles. That CE must be a real special gun. I hope you have lots of opportunities to use it.

    The shop in Kittery Point fell apart for a number of reasons. One was that the owner went to prison and came out a felon. Hard to run a gun business when you’re a felon.

    Thanks for the note. I appreciate it.

    Merry Christmas.


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