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What does it take to build the best? Check out these videos to find out. They do a great job of documenting just how Holland & Holland builds their legendary shotguns and double rifles.

Pair of new Holland & Holland Royal side-by-side shotguns

Pair of new Holland & Holland Royal side-by-side shotguns

Compared to the Beretta video I posted the other day, it looks like H & H uses a lot more handwork. Is this true? Maybe, or maybe the people who created the video chose to focus more on the handwork. Either way, I think the first video does a great job of what we call “Building Value” in the ad world.

The second video is another look inside the Holland factory. It’s worth watching if you have the time.

2 Responses to “Making a double the Holland & Holland way…”

  1. Charles Dingwall says:

    Two great videos and thanks for posting.
    Little wonder that new hand made guns are so expensive given the time that goes into each individual piece and the care taken in precision working. It gives one a much more respect even when buying a gun secondhand to think that it too went through the exact some process so many years previously.
    Happy Christmas sportsfans

  2. Gregg says:

    Yeah – once you see all that goes into them, it’s easier to understand their high prices.

    Merry Christmas!


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