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I love doubles with damascus barrels, and even though they’ve been the boogey man of the shotgun world for well over 50 years now. I have no trouble shooting a shotgun that has them — as long as the barrels are sound and in decent shape. One of the biggest reasons damascus barrels fell out of favor was their cost. Because they were so labor intensive to build, Damascus barrels cost the makers more than the fluid steel tubes that came on the market in the 1880s.

This video gives you a sense of just how much work went into making Damascus barrels. It’s well worth checking out. If you can learn more about the history of Damascus barrels at DamascusKnowledge.com and at Damascus-Barrels.com. Both sites are amazing resources and full of cool info.

One Response to “Incredible: Making a modern Damascus steel gun barrel…”

  1. Charles says:

    Having reviewed this film I have even more respect for art and craft it takes to make Damascus barrels. When one thinks that craftsmen in the c19th didn’t have all the mechanical apparatus shown in the film their task in beating with a hammer was all the much greater. There’s is little in life more pleasing than to shoot game with my c1840 Boss muzzle loader through barrels that I have now come to realise have been crafted so painstakingly. I salute those forefathers of gun making of a time when invention and patenting was rife and challenging in order to perfect those tools we use in the field today. We have a lot to be grateful for.

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