Watch: Revel in the first, chukar hunting in Idaho’s Hell Canyon…

Watch: Revel in the first, chukar hunting in Idaho's Hell Canyon, a Project Upland film
Watch: Revel in the first, chukar hunting in Idaho’s Hell Canyon, a Project Upland film

I’ve hunted upland birds from Maine to Montana, but I’ve been further west to go after chukars. After watching this great new film from Project Upland, I’m not sure I want to try. Here’s a bit about the film from the PU site:

“Hell’s Canyon has a reputation for being hard on its guests. Chukar have a more infamous track record as being the pursuit of the insane. It is said that “The first chukar you shoot is for fun; all others after that are for revenge.” The allure of both these difficult propositions brought Anthony Ferro on a bird hunting road trip to challenge himself and his German shorthaired pointers.

The title Revel in the First comes from Anthony’s passion for first-time experiences. Whether it’s a first bird species, a dog’s first point, a new challenge defeated (or not), the first has a passion like no other time after.”

BTW: Check out Project Upland’s new magazine, too. It’s coming out soon. For a LIMITED TIME subscribers receive Volume Zero/Issue Zero, (Ships November 1, 2018) and our regular delivery of our the quarterly publication for TWO years (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter) with Volume One/Issue One shipping on March 1, 2019. Plus The Bird Hunting Anthology – Volume No. 1

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  1. Great video. As someone fortunate to have hunted WA and OR my entire life, having many 6-10 covey days of chukars and huns, it’s tough to see someone hunt so hard and not get into more birds. Then again, I’ve had many days I was skunked. Being in the steep and deep is its own reward. If it was easy, everyone would do it.

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