Good gun alert: 20g Grulla sidelock, $2650 …

Grulla 215 20 gauge 26 inch barrels ic/mod,
Grulla 215 20 gauge 26 inch barrels ic/mod,

Following this AYA No. 2 I posted yesterday, here’s another Spanish SxS that looks like it could be a good deal. The seller’s calling it a Grulla 215, which it appears be.

That means it was made to be a solid, affordable, nice, but not out of reach for most people. It looks a bit rough, but sound, and I get it would benefit from a good cleaning and tuneup. Because it’s a Grulla (one of Spain’s top makers), it should be a good deal and an even better bird gun.

Grulla 215 20 gauge 26 inch barrels ic/mod,
Grulla 215 20 gauge 26-inch barrels ic/mod,

Grulla has been around since 1932, and many people consider them to be a step up from AYA or Arrieta. Maybe. I’ve seen a bunch of their guns, and I’ve always thought of them as some of the nicer doubles coming out of Eibar.

Grulla 215 20 gauge, Sidelock SxS, 26-inch barrels, ic/mod: STRAIGHT GRIP butt plate, double trigger, beavertail forend, 2 ivory beads, ejectors, side clipped, detachable sidelock, gold washed interior parts, bores bright/shiny, opens/closes tight.  Price: $2,650 

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