Rare! A 16g Parker CHE SxS shotgun …

16g Parker CHE SxS Shotgun
16g Parker CHE SxS Shotgun

I usually don’t go for restored or refinished guns. But I have to say, I could be talked into this 16g Parker CHE. Not only is it rare, it’s my favorite gauge, it’s stock has excellent dimensions and whoever refinished it didn’t a good job (according to the seller, the work was done by Turnbull).

According to the Parker Collectors website, Parker made just 1,673 CH-grade shotguns. These guns came with either damascus-steel bbls (regular or Bernard) or fluid Acme-steel barrels. According to the seller, Parker made just fifty-six CHE 16ga 28″ Acme Steel guns. BTW: CHE = C-grade, Hammerless, with Ejectors).

16g Parker CHE SxS Shotgun
16g Parker CHE SxS Shotgun

Parker CHE 16 ga Restored: This 1926 gun was completely restored, rust bluing and case color by Turnbull, wood professionally finish. This 16 ga is on a 1 frame 2 1/2″ chamber with 28″ barrels, modified and improved cylinder. The weight is 6 lbs 11 oz, the LOP is 14 5/8 DAC is 1 3/8 and DAH is 2 3/8. They only made 56 CHE 16 ga 28″ Acme Steel guns. It does have a Miller trigger and the gun is better then what the pictures show, everything works as it should. Price: $8,750

16g Parker CHE SxS Shotgun
16g Parker CHE SxS Shotgun

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2 thoughts on “Rare! A 16g Parker CHE SxS shotgun …

  1. Greg…I love the 16, too though I manage to bring home my share of the others! Just a quick comment on refinishing….So many field and lower graded guns saw a lot more “hard” use than higher grades and i see that trend continuing today. With that said, and with the understanding that most hi-grades in great shape are already in collector’s hands and priced accordingly; refinishing (if done well we might more accurately call it a restoration) will give that old gun a chance to serve several more generations. After all, I don’t believe the market will see new American made doubles any sooner than Jurassic Park opening a season on pterodactyls. While it may destroy collector’s interest, just maybe they will once again draw the attention of the hunter….the person that the old Elsie O’s and Fields, Fox AE’s, Trojans and Flues were meant to serve and for the scores of setters and spaniels that bounce to their echoes.

  2. I agree, Jim. If the gun is restored right & priced right, I think it’s a good option for a hunter.

    Thanks for the post.


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