Flushing awesome: Wild Quail Hunting In Texas

I’m pretty sure I posted this video from the Quail Coalition before. But it’s such a great look into a type of hunting I would love to experience that I figured why not check it out again.

This video shows as sorts of wild Texas quail doing what every hunter wants them to see them do: busting out in crazy flushes. And notice they hunters not using cockers or flushing-whips to get the birds in the air. That’s because these quail are the real deal.

Flushing awesome: Wild Quail Hunting In Texas from the Quail Coalition ...
Flushing awesome: Wild Quail Hunting In Texas from the Quail Coalition …

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4 thoughts on “Flushing awesome: Wild Quail Hunting In Texas

  1. Hello Greg, I really enjoyed the ( Quail Coalition) Texas wild quail hunting video. I was wondering if you could identify the beautiful round action over and under being put together at the beginning of the video . Galazan ?? I know it’s not a side by side but it’s a really nice gun . Thanks , Chris Botkin

  2. I had the good fortune of hunting wild Quail in west Texas in 2016 and 2017.
    2016 saw, by many accounts, the highest bird numbers in 40 years.
    We moved 30 wild coveys the first day. It was as good as it gets.
    2017 was good, but could not match the prior year.
    The ranch we hunted on did not allow Quail hunting, in 2018, due to low numbers.
    That’s how quickly things can change.

  3. Hey, Chris.

    I was wondering about that gun. It’s Italian, probably a Perugini & Visini or an Abbiatico & Salvinelli. It looks custom engraved. Sure is pretty.

    Thanks for your note.


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