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About me

My name is Gregg and this blog is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

I’m an avid bird hunter and gun collector. I also spend a lot of time outdoors fly fishing and canoeing, and my latest hobby is learning how to play guitar.

I grew up hunting ruffed grouse and woodcock in Berlin, NH, a town in the northern most part of the state. Today, I live in the Northeast and I hunt in Maine and New Hampshire. I also make it out to Montana, South Dakota, and Wisconsin whenever I can.

Me in SD

I’ve always been interested in double guns and bird dogs. When I was a kid, my dad used to take me to gunshops so I could look over the SxS and O/U shotguns. I got my first hunting dog when I was 12 – a Brittany. I sent it for training with money I made at Burger King. Money from the same job also paid for my first shotgun – a 20g Remington 870 with a straight-gripped stock.

In the 1990s, two things fanned my interests in fine shotguns: The Double Gun Journal and a gunshop in Kittery, Maine, called New England Arms. New England Arms was to gunshops what the DGJ is to gun magazines: the best of its kind. I ended up leaving a good job in corporate America to work at New England Arms. While I was only there a year , I gained a decade’s worth of knowledge about fine guns. I also made some excellent friends.

Scott Premier shotgun

Today, I work in advertising and I have an English Pointer named Puck. I still hunt all over the place and I’m hoping to do a lot more of it in the future.

I hope you enjoy this site. If you have questions, comments, or criticisms, let me know.



Sunset in Montana:

Montana sunset

43 Responses to “About me”

  1. You sir are a blessing I like all the postings of auctions I too grew up hunting the north east ny long island and all I did in my time off from school was fish the resevoirs and look at doublebarrel guns at the gun shops one gun in my collection is a beretta 32 gauge hammer gun lovely engraving made in 1931

  2. John Holmes says:

    Gregg, first visit to your site and enjoy it. If comeing to Wisconsin for a bird hunt let me know and may be can show you some new spots. John

  3. Gregg says:

    Thanks for the note. I appreciate it.
    I used to live in Appleton, many years ago. I’ve hunted the Park Falls area quite a bit.
    How are things looking this season?


  4. Jeff Pelayo says:

    Great stuff Gregg! Jeff

  5. John Holmes says:

    Officially I think the drumming count was down in some areas. Winter was mild, think it should be good as last year.

  6. Pete Niehaus says:

    Thanks for the great stuff Gregg, you’ve managed to help me stay somewhat sane at work while reading this blog. The woodcock are on the move and I’m stuck in this office…

  7. Gregg says:

    Thanks for the note. I’ll be stuck in the office the next three weeks – no hunting for a while.

  8. Jeff Pelayo says:

    Gregg, adding you to my links on my website….Jeff

  9. Goodman says:

    Gregg, just added you to my favorites. Thanks for all the auction links. Park Falls is a lot of fun. I also enjoy reading anything by Michael McIntosh. Sorry to hear of his passing.

  10. Gregg, Well written piece on “Geoffs Place”. We will be gathering for the Memorial Sunday 6-12-11 (Might be Story before the weekend is Out!!) trevallion. 207-361-1130. (What “Info do you have on E.J.Riley c1858-1880 ?…

  11. Clif Watkins says:

    Gregg, I think you and I are brothers from other mothers, both fascinated with guns, flyfishing, and trying to learn to play guitar. I was born in the wrong state for all 3 (AZ) Constantly feeding the wood with moisture on my cane rod, guitars, and guns

  12. Jerry Allen says:

    I grew up west of Boston, but lived up in Dummer, NH, during the 1970’s and worked for the now defunct Brown Paper Company as a logger. My heart is still up in northern NH and we are lucky enough to have a second home in Stewartstown to escape to fairly often.
    You have a great website with lots of interesting information. I laughed all through that video you shot from the back of Puck. Great work. Keep it coming.

  13. Gregg says:


    Thanks for your note. I’ve hunted around Dummer a bit. Nice area.

    Take care,


  14. Paul Van Ness says:

    Hmmm. I guess I misunderstood….Lefever F is nfs! You look familiar to me. I bought a Lefever D grade 3 barrel set from N.E. Arms years back. I think you were there.
    Anyway. I share your love of good guns and rowdy, sweet dogs. Always have, always will. Paul

  15. Bill Queen says:

    Hello, I just purchased a w c scott hammer dbl. 10 ga. with 26″ demascuss barrels today. barrels are badley pitted, stock has been replaced (very crude replacment) but the engraving is still in very excellent codition. engraved geese on side lock, storks or herons on bottom. shotgun is still tight butin need of a good stock. any chance that you might know of a replacement stock for this old dbl.? ser. no. is 39xxx. I can take pics and send if you would like. thanks, Bill Queen, a bird hunter in Huson Montana.

  16. michael tabor says:

    Gregg, I just came across your website which I know I will enjoy. Great sounding bio of yourself, and like yourself, I also love fine doubles and pursuing any species of upland bird. No other leisure activity is as dear to me as being in the fields and forests, shooting a double gun and usually missing the bird I am trying to hit. I recently sold my company to a multinational firm and I plan to spend four months this upcoming season afield, traveling to several states with my two ESS’s, going after prairie chickens, ruffed grouse, chuckars, quail, blue, spruce and sharp tail grouse, wood cock, and maybe a few ducks included. Regarding guns, I own a few and I must say that London guns, mostly the big three or four names, are my favorites. Regarding the outdoors, there is just something special about sleeping in my FJ Cruiser, along a fast moving stream, surrounded by dogs and fine double guns – dreaming of the fine bird I recently consumed for my evening meal. Afterwords, nothing tastes better than bourbon from a tin cup. I just wish I had had the time to do all this when I was younger but it is never to late in life to enjoy whatever passions we have in our brief lives on this enchanted planet.
    Best of luck to you afield and thanks much for this fine web site. Michael

  17. Gregg says:


    Thanks for your note. It sounds like you’re living the life – I’m envious. Please keep me post on how things go. IF you send some pics, I would love to post them here on the site.


  18. Andy Kelley says:

    Gregg..Great site and nice to know that it is alright to dream of a vanished America when the Parker’s were brand new and the woods of the northeast were teeming with game birds. Again, thanks for keeping the home fires burning .Sincerely, Andy Kelley the last living confederate veteran

  19. Gregg says:


    Thanks for the post. Good shooting!


  20. john says:

    Gregg, I am Roy’s “as-told-to.” Still hunting birds behind a pointing dog at age 71. You should read the American Field report of Roy’s winning of the Grand National Grouse championship with Burton Fleetfoot Ginger. It will send shivers along your spine if you are a bird dog lover.
    Want a copy? Just ask. – John L. Rogers

  21. Gregg says:


    I would love one. I just emailed you about it. Let me know if you need a snail mail address.

    Thanks for the offer,


  22. Frank says:

    Hello john!

    Glad you’re still going at 71 – I’m pushing 73 and manage to keep after the birds. Only problem is I can’t keep up with younger guys and don’t like going into the woods alone anymore. Oh, well. Need to find some decent shooting not too far from home.

    Off to England in a few weeks where I’ll take advantage of the excellent coaching available at H&H in London. Gotta keep trying to maintain the “edge!”


  23. Sherwood Marabella says:

    Howdy! Someone in my Facebook group shared this site with us so I came to look it over. I’m definitely loving the information.

  24. Gregg says:


    Welcome aboard. Glad you like the site. Please enjoy it – and tell your friends.

    Good shooting,


  25. Gregg,
    I do a fair amount of restoration work including, color case hardening, browning, rust bluing and Damascus black and white. Would you like occasional before and after pictures as well as some descriptions of methods applied? of course I won’t give complete how to’s as it leaves one open to lawsuits but if you have an interest let me know.
    I really enjoy your site and have been owned by 5 Brittanies for the last 35 years.

  26. Oh one other thing I forgot to mention I am the stockmaking instructor at Colorado School of Trades

  27. steve says:

    i m up for seeing some of michael j. s tricks of the trade. bring it on.

  28. Kevin says:

    My in laws have a cabin not far from North Conway, NH in Maine. What state has better grouse hunting? NH or ME?

  29. Gregg says:

    Both states have great grouse hunting, but not in that area. Most of NH’s grouse are further north, above Berlin. In Maine, you’ll have to go up into the Rangeley region.

    I’m sure there are birds in your area, but you’ll have to work hard to find them.

    Thanks for the comment.


  30. Jeff says:

    Just found your blog and have enjoyed the discovery. I enjoy hunting VT, ME and the Potsdam NY area with my 2 Braque D’auvergnes. Do you hunt VT? If you see a black Sequoia with the plate “Upland” make sure to introduce yourself. Always enjoyable being able to talk about bird hunting, dogs and gun collecting. Keep writing.

  31. Gregg says:


    Thanks for the note. I don’t make it to VT – at least not yet. I spend most of my time in ME.

    But if I ever see a Sequoia with the plates Upland, I’ll be sure to say hello.

    Hope you like the site.


  32. Jim says:

    Gregg…I’ve been enjoying your site for a while now. I’m a retired game warden (I’ve heard all the jokes), have been owned by several bird dogs: My first a springer – a pair of Britts – a Gordon named Gus – and now my little Black Briar Rose AKA Briar, an English cocker. I, too, was sucked into doubles early in life and still have a few that would pass muster. Keep up the good work in keeping these guns alive and hunting.


  33. Gregg says:

    Thank you for your note and the kind words. I love those English Cockers.

    Where were you a game warden? Where do you hunt these days?

    Take care,


  34. Steve says:


    Just a great website you have created here over these past few years. I grew up shooting SxS’s back in the 70’s and have been shooting them ever since. Everything from .410’s to 10 Bores, Hammers, Sidelevers, Jones Underlevers, etc…really enjoy the old ones now even more than I did 10-20 years ago.

    Would love to talk with you sometime about my vintage doubles and perhaps get a chance to meet you at one of the upcoming 2015 Vintage Shooting Events and / or Hunting Trips in South Dakota.

    Keep up the great job of informing everyone (young, old, men and / or women) just how much FUN it is to enjoy shooting a vintage double SxS and walking around in the great outdoors with a dog and / or group of other like minded folks. Life is way too short…everyone should have a chance to enjoy these great outdoors and or wonderful shooting / hunting traditions. Have a great day / weekend!!!

    Best regards,


  35. Gregg says:


    Thank you very much for your comment. It sound like we share the same passions.

    Stay in touch. I would love to talk about guns with you at next year’s Vintagers.

    Have a great Thanksgiving.


  36. Steven says:


    Same to you & your family this Thanksgiving as well. I will try and make it out to next years Vintagers, but might be Duck & Goose Hunting in Canada though, at that time of the year? Not sure just yet. Moreover, I might be headed down to the Southern 2015 SxS Spring Classic…working on trying to make next years event, if at all possible…you attend that event or just Vintagers in Northeastern U.S. Area?

    Happy Holiday Season & New Years Greetings!!!


  37. Tim Chestnut says:

    Hi Gregg,
    Great Blog!!!!!!! I also grew up enjoying great double barrells and fine bird dogs..hunting in South Carolina quail country many many years….I raise German Shorthairs and enjoy all articles on the sport…look up Archibald Rutledge…South Carolina’s Poet Laureette……his recollections of past bird hunts and Christmas Eve hunts are great reads! Carry On!…… with warmest regards Tim Chestnut

  38. ken Burns says:

    The Lancaster is a gem. I have an 1893 Greener 8 double hammerless and a 1890 T.G. Bonehill hamergun. I reload and shoot 50 yard trap with these guns.I have developed my own dies for the older Mec600 Jr single stage press and am having another batch of ten sets made up. The first group I provided the dies installed on the rebuilt Mec 600Jrpress with the heavy wood handle. We set up the charge bar with the correct amount of Clays 31 grains and 11/2 oz of lead 71/2 shot. The Winchester industrial and Remington Industrial 8 ga hull work very well once they are sized properly. I have a batch if special forming dies coming which fit the RCBS and Redding 11/4′ throated loading presses which size the industrial hull brass or steel to .923 and they work very well. Tommy Armbrust,Ballistic Research, of McHenry Ill 815-451-6649, has a book all about 8ga with some great loading recipes and ballistic data.
    The other Ken Burns

  39. Gregg says:

    Thanks for the info. I would love to see the Greener. Is it a hammergun?


  40. Ken Burns says:

    The Greener 8 bore is hammerless with 33 ‘ damascus brown Patent Triple Wedge Fast engraved on the solid rib. It is beauitifuly engraved and according to Mr. Graham Greener that gun and my 37/8 10 bore also hammerless were made in November of 1893 and 1873 respectively.
    the other kenBurns

  41. Gregg says:

    Any pics of the Greeners? I would love to see them.



  42. Cody says:

    Just stumbled upon your outstanding website and spent better part of this hot August in Oklahoma Sunday afternoon thumbing around. Good work, cheers.

  43. Gregg says:

    Thank you for the kind words. I’m glad you’re enjoying the site.

    How are the quail looking out there?

    Take care,


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