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Cash for Guns

I pay cash for double barrel shotguns and rifles, including hammerguns and percussion guns. I also buy high-quality bolt rifles.

What kinds? Any, really – American, Spanish, Belgian, English, Prussian, etc.

If you have something you would like to sell, please drop me a note:


I pay right away and all sales remain strictly confidential.

ThanksScott Imperial Premier

19 Responses to “Cash for Guns”

  1. hank baker says:

    hello—i have a french double barrel 16 ga shotgun…for the life of me i can not locate a name on it…what i can find is ,,,it says SOLID on top and ST>ETIENNE where you break open the barrels….ser no. is 17378…..insid below triggers it says w/pt tq acter special…..65 at each barrel it says 17.0 17.0 cannon prima the gun works great i hunt rabbits with it……..the checkering looks good and a lot of hand engraving….even on outsiide of trigger guard…….i have been trying to find out about this gun forever i hope you can help me ithink i would be willing to sell it thank you very much hank baker 10709 partridge rd holland ny 14080

  2. Tiera Rosser says:

    Fisher Jungle Jumperoo a fabulous, excellent toy. We have it again for the daughter at related to ninety days. They’re pretty much check out weeks at this moment in which he merely Likes that. Me much too. It’s multi-colored & eye catching shiny yellows together with greens most commonly.

  3. Great website. Very informative.

  4. Vindy says:

    I have found two rifles in my closet I believe my step daughter left them here when she moved out however I cannot get in contact with her and I have 5 Kids in my home now and need to really get rid of these rifles ASAP. If you have a phone that accepts picture messaging I can send a picture of the two. On the butt of one there is a name: Whestcherster Repeating Arms Co and on the other its just a black ribbed rubbery butt, contact me and I will send the pictures right away. I know nothing about rifles but I feel these in my house could post harm to my kids if they come across them.


  5. laurence dubois says:

    i have a lefever 20 gauge double barrel shotgun,i,m sending a few pictures of it. could you tell me what it,s worth, and if you would like to buy it ? thank you, tell my where to send the pictures.

  6. Greg: I am in the process of paring down my collection. If I have anything that interests you please let me know.

    Best Regards, George
    Phone (803) 359-3351

    P.S. I have always enjoyed your blog!

  7. 2-lc smith sbs 12guage 1-30″ideal grade london steel barrel single trigger #4217 all parts match 1-28″damascus barrel double trigger #36174 all parts match

  8. Rob says:


    Any interest in a Sharps New Model 1863 carbine?

  9. Gregg says:


    Thanks for the offer, but it’s not my thing.

    Good luck with it.


  10. Dave in Japan says:

    Great site, I appreciate you sharing all your knowledge and experience. I Live in Japan and have recently taken up gun collecting. Mostly Japanese model shotguns, but I have recently pruchased a Westley Richards (1930 ) Anson & Deeley Fixed Lock and a W. W. Greener F H 50. Not sure if I will ever want to sell them but if the time comes, I will let you know.


  11. Kathleen says:

    Hi! I feel safe in asking your opinion and interest in a couple firearms that I have required in an estate.

    My first firearm is an “AA” or “Optimus” grade auto EG ejector, 20 gauge Lefever double barrel shotgun. 1872-8894-1907
    Fluid Steel-Krupp Essen Syracuse, NY USA
    Superb Engraving including: Two pairs of hunting dogs, geese in flight, fishing birds, an “Ace of cards”, Gold plated triggers, political emblems and an Ivory bead sight.
    It is in excellent condition. The documentation I have been researching for over a year directly ties this shotgun to State Senator of Nevada, Thomas Brinley Rickey, the largest Ranch owner in Nevada in late 1800’s to early 1900’s. The shotgun is also believed to be given to Thomas from Theadore Roosevelt because of their political and hunting connections. If you are interested and wish for more information, please contact me.

    I also have a 30 Remington rifle, Model 141, checkered stock & slide, heavy engraving and Pedersen Patenet (Quick Fire Adaption” 1907. This rifle was found in a potato sack buried in the Nevada desert in mid 1900’s
    Despite the exposure to the elements, the rifle is in very good condition.

    Thank you, Kathleen

  12. Gregg says:

    Hi Kathleen,

    Thank you for reaching out to me about your guns. I would be happy to help you out with both of them.

    Your Lefever sounds like an interesting shotgun. Please tell me more about it: How long are the barrels, how many triggers does it have, etc. Is it a gun that has been in your family for a while? Have you had anyone look at it to determine if the wood and metal finishes are in their original condition?

    Do you have any pics of it that you could share with me?

    On the Remington, in a potato sack? There must be an interesting story there. Do you know if the engraving is signed any where? Do you have any pics of this gun? Do you know if this gun has ever been refinished in any way?

    Please tell what you can, and if you have pics of either gun, send them my way. The more I know and the more I can see, the better I can assist you.

    Thanks again,


  13. michael says:

    Hi, I have three weapons of interest and would like some help in getting an idea as to the history, value etc, The first a Charles smith &sons double barrel shotgun 12 gauge – serial number 2241 – this weapon is in excellent condition, the second, a flintlock with L, BLANCH engraved and the third a Turkish flintlock? I have pictures available of all three weapons, anyone who can assist, I need some guidance

  14. Gregg says:

    I would be happy to help. Please tell me all you can about them and email over some pics.



  15. steve says:

    Gregg I have a 16 ga parker double barrel Damascus all original very tight, barrels excellent serial #64260 this gun is in excellent shape. If your interested get back to me will send pics and more detail of gun. Thank You…Steve

  16. Gregg says:

    Sounds interesting. Please tell me all you can about the gun.

    Do you have any pics?



  17. Kim says:

    I got a Remington model 5 12 Ga. (like the sweet 15) unfired, in the case, it’s from the issue of 2000 guns celebrating the 2 millionth gun issued….for sale.

  18. Gregg says:

    Thanks, but that’s not really my thing.

    Best of luck with it.


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