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  1. Jeff Pelayo says:

    Looking to buy an 8 or 4 bore by Alex McComas, Baltimore. Would appreciate any help. Jeff

  2. Jeff Pelayo says:

    Also, looking for guns made by Clark & Sneider and John Krider. Jeff

  3. Mark V says:

    Hi Gregg:
    Looking for original high conditioan 12 gauge A AAHE Parkers and c to above 20 gauges. Just curious to see what you have or have connections to. thank you


  4. Gregg says:

    Tough to find. I know people who have them, but they’re not selling. When they do, the guns usually go to auction.

    I would watch auction houses like Julia’s and Little John, maybe Amoskeag and Rock Island. That’s where most of the really good guns go. Check with Puglisi’s and Ivory Beads, too. Good luck.

    Do you have any Lefevers, British stuff, or anything with a straight grip and damascus barrels you’re looking to part with?

  5. Kevin C. says:


    Tried to email you and my email bounced. Let me know when it is operational.



  6. Gregg says:

    Sorry. Trying to figure it out now.






  7. joe bakketun says:

    what are you asking for the lefever? need more info, does it have damascus bbls?

  8. Hugh Lomas says:

    Noticed you were looking for a Greener, Straight grip, top safety.
    I have a Empire 12ga 3″ proof 32″ bbls in reasonably good condition.
    Not a game gun by any means but just thought I’d let you Know.
    $2000. E mail me if interested

  9. Bill says:

    I bought the pair of Evans crossover guns. The wall thickness, chamber dimensions, and bore dimensions indicate “in proof” and ready to shoot. It is a pair of 2 1/2″ chamber game guns. A very professional cleanup means no work to be done by me. The remnants of case color indicate no work to receiver. One set of barrels has a lighter legend than the other indicating a restrike. The wood is too perfect not to have been redone, but there are absolutely no telltale signs of refinish. The heel and toe clips are awesome. Testfire is tomorrow.

  10. Melanie says:

    Hi Gregg!

    Looking for your advice! I enjoy a day of sporting clays with friends. I am ready to purchase a gun to use with my fairly new hobby. Can you provide some recommendations? If it makes sense, I would like to purchase a collectible gun. I have been told that older guns have too much kick and that I should stick with something new.

    Any feedback you have would be great!

    Thanks so much!

  11. Gregg says:

    Hey – glad you like the sport.
    A few questions: which gauge do you want – 12, 20, 28?
    What have you been shooting?
    How much do you want to spend?
    Thanks for your interest.

    Spread the word about my blog!


  12. Dan Simmers says:

    I went fishing with my son yesterday an as we were walking along the bank I found an old C&W lock! I came to your site to find out more about it. It looks old. not a true heart shape but close. it has a little swivel to the right front of the lock. I’m going to clean it up and keep it!

  13. Gregg says:

    Love to see it. Send me pics.

  14. Stan Flower says:

    Hey Greg,
    I own an L C Smith 20 gauge in grade 3. It has the Hunter single selective trigger, 26 inch barrels and is in good condition. Also a Parker 16 gauge VH grade. And others. I want to sell these before they get stolen or some relatives decide to take them. I have owned these for about 40 years and used them perhaps 5 times. I think they should have another good home.

  15. John Boyd says:

    Gregg: did you relly work for Jimmy Austin??

    What ever happen to Steve?

    Do you have a phone number to call.

    Love to speak with you directly

    John Boyd
    Quality Arms
    Houston, TX

  16. Leonard says:

    My name is Leonard and I have a 16 gauge w@c scott and son serial no54725, I think it is a boxlock? On the barrels has written scott improved bolt Could you tell me what shell the gun could fire, and what model it might be? On the barrels is written10 castle st.regent circus I think time line 71- 97. the gun has lots engraving on it, and the barrel. thanks

  17. Bill says:

    Hi Greg, how are you? I have a L C Smith double barrel 20 gauge that was my grandfathers. It looks like the one you have on this
    page. Wondering what it is worth? It’s all original and in pretty good condition. It wasn’t used very much. I lived in Sandown NH for several years and worked in Portsmouth. I will send some pictures of it when I get the chance.


  18. Tom Condon says:

    Steve Barnett has a Beretta S55 , O/U 12 ga., 27 1/2 barrel listed as new today on Guns Int. Not familiar with it, reminds me of a BL 1 with double triggers…what do you think? I live in Eastern Montana, run a couple of bird dogs, working for Montana FWP. Thanking you in advance, Tom Condon. ( Working for FWP, this guns price point is right up my alley…)

  19. Rick Majos says:

    I love the Scott Imperial Premier. Is it yours and for sale?

  20. Gregg says:

    If you’re talking about this one:


    It’s not mine – unfortunately. That one is the one of the nicest IPs I’ve seen. Cowan’s Auctions sold it in 2007 for $9200 – a steal.




  21. mike says:

    where is your blog roll? looks like lots of people are supporting your site and giving it free advertising by putting you on their own blog roll… its bad form not to pay it forward by at least giving an honorable mention to the blogs you find entertaining.

  22. Gregg says:


    Thanks for your post. I hear what you’re saying, and I really appreciate all the help people have given me by adding my site to their blog rolls.

    I’ve though about adding one to Dogs and Doubles, but here are a couple reasons why I always decide against it:

    1.) Maintaining my blog is a ton of work and a blog roll will add another level of maintenance to my site. Because a blog roll is a kind of endorsement, I’ll feel obligated to check the blogs to see if they’re updating, what they’re saying, etc. I don’t have time to do this.

    2.) If people have blogs related to my subject, I would rather they send me links to their new posts and let me post a blurb about it on my site. This way, they get more of a plug and the relationship works as more powerful partnership / win-win for both of us.

    3.) Also, how do I know who to add and who not to add? I don’t want to exclude anyone. At the same time, I don’t want to have a running list of a dozen+ blogs. This is another reason why I think #2 is a better option.

    I’m happy to work with any other bloggers in my field to build traffic and generate more interests for our passions and interests. If any bloggers out there would like to work with me on this, feel free to drop me an email and we’ll see what we can do.

    Thanks again for the post.


  23. Marty says:

    I have really enjoyed your blog since I found it recently and enjoyed the Dec. 14 replay of Oct.13 but unfortunately the female noise pollution was annoying…was that her first hunt or did she have to much coffee? Looks like you have a few birds around from time to time..Keep it goin’….Marty

  24. Eddie Allen Sr says:

    I am just trying to fine out the value of an old Russell double barrel shotgun that is suppose to be at least over an 100 yrs old. My cell # is 870-222-8212.

  25. fritz Dornan says:

    Does anyone know what the 2e 20 smith sold for? back in November

  26. Gregg says:

    Don’t know. I reached out to the auctioneer, but they wouldn’t say. And yeah, I know how odd that is.


  27. fritz Dornan says:

    Hay Greg thanks. What would you expect a gun of that condition to sell for?


  28. Mike Sinz says:

    Just looking at your site. I have a very nice W.W. Greener. Looks a lot like the one in your picture. Serial Number is 23649 which I think was made between 1880 and 1895. It is 12 gage with side locks and hammers, engraved all over with Far Killing Duck Gun on the barrel brake lever. I believe it has the original finishes and patina(barrels have a brown tint) balance shiny with no finish. Overall for a gun this old I think it is pretty nice condition and was well cared for. If you are interested I can take a few pictures and send them. I am looking for an approx. value as I may part with gun. It was a relatives who I actually never met and died around 1935. Please feel free to email me if you are interested.
    Thanks, Mike SInz

  29. Gregg says:


    Thanks for the note. I would love to see it, and the more you show me the more I can tell you about it.

    Also, please tell me as much as you can about the gun.

    You can email everything to me at:




  30. Robert Loughlin says:

    Hi Greg
    Just came into a J & W Tolley 10ga circa Patten 1871 looking for a buyer?

  31. Gregg says:

    Maybe. Please tell me more about it. Any pics?



  32. Emmanuel Mavromatakis says:

    Good evening Greg,

    First off, I would just like to say great website!
    Second, I was wondering if you could help me find a Robust Manufrance in 12 Gauge that I could buy. I would like it to have the hidden sling in the buttstock, and be in very good overall condition. The model numbers I am looking for in specific are the Model 222 (fairly common,) or a magnum model that actually ejects the spent shells when the breech is opened. It was rare for these shotguns to auto eject spent shells, but some models (including the magnums) had the needed spring in the forearm that charged the spend shell for ejection.

    I have had a terribly tough time finding one of these shotguns, and hope you can help me find one for purchase – given your expertise of the subject.

    Please get back to me when you can Greg – anxiously excited for your response.

    Thanks again,
    Emmanuel Mavromatakis

  33. Mike says:

    Hi Greg,

    I am selling a Prussian made Charles Daly sxs 12ga Damascus shotgun w/ 2 barrel set #16xx, and the original A.H. Hardy leather case, and a letter (1935) from the Bordon Dairy Co in New York detailing it’s history. It is in very fine condition, and bright bores in all four tubes, case is worn but in good condition. Let me know if you have an interest.

    Best Regards,

  34. Gerald Wright Scoville says:

    I read your blog nearly daily. You are a especially lucid, clear, with tight parsimony in your accounts.

    I have a sidelock B. C. Miroku side x side. It has 28-inch barrels, English stock, IC / IC chokes, half-inch Old English recoil pad, and 3-inch chambers. I purchased it used in the early 80’s nearly new, for $1,200 dollars from a gunsmith in southern Oregon. I have no idea where this gun came from though. And I have never seen another one thereafter. This gun is somewhat magical, I have shot thousands of rounds through it. I take it into duck blinds, duck boats, jump shooting, and it bounces around in pickups. I do NOT always clean it. This double always works, is a fantastic goose, quail, snipe, duck, pheasant, rabbit, squirrel, and skeet gun. I run Black Cloud 3-inch, no 3’s through it, for big ducks and geese. Most importantly, it is very safe – automatic safety and with ejectors. It is the ultimate firearm, beautiful yet practical. Something about it, something I can not explain, it fits me, and delivers game birds to my pouch like no other gun. Do you ever see these guns? I need it with 3-inch chambers for Great Basin Geese. Can you find me another one?

    Thank you for your time,

    – Jerry

    P. S.: I am a biologist at Central Washington University. I use to run to North Dakota. It is the ultimate landscape tragedy what is unfolding on a massive scale, and also unprecedented usurpation across the border. Just look at the collapse of Monarch Butterflies: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/11/24/sunday-review/the-year-the-monarch-didnt-appear.html?_r=0

  35. Dear Gregg

    For a long time I have been looking for an well maintained and functional old London-shotgun, and now I have come acroos a shotgun manufactured by J. Blanch & Son back in 1880.

    If possible, I could send You a foto of the shotgun.

    I therefor kindly ask You to tell me, how much You think it is worth and furthermore, what it will cost to give the barrels a “make over” – refresh the color. Unfortunately I don’t know the right word for this process, but the case is, that the barrels are having some small scratches.

    I am looking forward to hearing from You as soon as possible.

    With best regards

    Paw Engsbye Rasmussen
    Abildgårdsparken 24
    3460 Birkerød

  36. Gregg says:


    Thank you for your comment. I would be happy to help you out. Please send me all the photos that you have. I will take a look at them and tell you all I can.

    And the process you are thinking about is called “rebrowning” or “reblacking”, depending on the type of finish being reapplied to the barrels.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,


  37. Mike Jarina says:

    Any chance you can tell me the significance of the gold star on the barrels of my 1884 16 ga W&C Scott hammer gun? Thanks


  38. Gregg says:

    Good question. I wish I knew the answer. I’ve heard a few theories on that star, and I’ve even come up with some of my own — the star was used to signify a second set of bbls with different chokes, the star was linked to a grade of gun, the star was a mark applied to all guns supplied to one American importer, etc.

    Unfortunately, I don’t know if any of these theories are true. All of Scott’s records were lost in the ’50s, so we’ll never know the answer.

    Thanks for asking and checking out the site.


  39. Adrian says:

    Hi Gregg, just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I enjoy reading your blogs on dogsanddoubles. I was keenly waiting to see how lexi went on her first trip out. I live in Western Australia, I shoot mainly with a beretta u/o silver pisgeon, I also have a holiis and sons side by side double hammer in 12 gauge wich I believe is pre 1900 or at least very early 1900. It’s functional though I bought it as a bit of a restoration project for myself and my eight year old daughter. Any how keep the great posts coming. I always look forward to your gu. Reviews eagerly.

  40. Gregg says:

    Hey – Adrian.

    Thank you very much for your note. I’m sorry it has taken me a while to get back to you.

    What do you hunt out there?

    Take care,


  41. Dan Crowley says:

    Hi Gregg,
    My name is Dan, and I have an interesting French St. Etienne 12 gauge (Guild ?) SxS. It is like only one I have found on the internet, only more ornate, with checkering and much scrollwork. This gun is at http://s815.photobucket.com/albums/zz76/rower4gvsu/It has 28″ Damascus barrels, a hammerless action (like an IDEAL) and a tang slide safety, and an under lever breech break mechanism only. The key to the proof marks seems to be an oval encircle BB, and 3 crossed swords. Any clues, or an idea of a value? I tried to email, but could not get it to go through. Thanks, Sincerely Dan Crowley

  42. Gregg says:

    Hi Dan-

    It sounds like you have an interesting gun there. I clinked on that link you sent, but I didn’t see any pics of your gun.

    Try sending them to me at this address and I’ll take a look:


    Thanks for reaching out.


  43. william ball says:

    greg,im bill,the person that has the henry tolley self opener,mine looks just like the one in your pictures.do you know how much it sold for and what gage it is?mine is a 16 gage.im getting the wood redone by my freind in north carolina when i go to the southern side by side in april.its the best and bigest in there is .hope to see you there

  44. Eric says:

    I have to know…I’m assuming that you have quite a few shotguns by now… How on earth do you decide which to take hunting? I have um…more than one & I feel like I need to get one just for the field since I can’t decide which to take.

    My interests lean towards sideXsides and old American autoloaders. There is a gently used Citori at a local pawn shop however…

  45. Gregg says:

    Ha- good question. The gun I shoot most often is a 20g Beretta 686 Onyx. I can stuff lead or steel into it, it handles well, and I don’t have to worry about losing it when I travel. If it gets stolen or damaged, I can always find another one.

    Other than that, I have 12g Greener I like to use.

    I have a couple other guns I shoot every so often, but most of them just sit in a safe. I sold a bunch off last year because I was tired of having so much stuff I never used.

    Nice to hear from you. Thanks for the comment. Those Citoris a nice … get it.


  46. Steve Irving says:

    Gregg, Congrats on Lexi’s progress, it’s gonna be a great Fall. Steve

  47. Gregg says:

    Thanks. Hope you have a great one, too.


  48. Frank Trombetta says:

    Interested in the breda sxs shotgun is it for sale? My phone # is 412-352-3611 let me know?

  49. Gregg says:

    Thanks – but not my thing.

    Good luck with it.

    BTW: I would post it on Gunsinternational.com. Include lots of pics.


  50. Bob Cook says:

    Gregg, I have a 16 gauge, A grade – Ainsley H. Fox double barrel shotgun, serial #300819. Gun is all original, no modifications. Also gun has beaver-tail forearm, and an extra sight halfway down the full length sighting rib, 28″ barrels. The gun is, in my opinion, in good condition. Cannot send email pictures, but if you can please send me your address I will send pictures. Thanks for your time and assistance.

    Bob Cook

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