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Free Appraisals

What have a got? What’s it worth?

Have a double-barrel shotgun or rifle you would like to know more about? Contact me and I’ll help you out — for free.


Tell me as much as you can about your gun – all names & markings on it, length of bbls, condition outside the gun and inside the barrels, etc. Also, send me as many pictures as you can.

The more you tell me, and the more I can see in pictures, the more I can figure out about your gun.

64 Responses to “Free Appraisals”

  1. Chris Steiger says:

    Hello Greg,
    I am working on identifing a black powder hammer shotgun that was purchased by my family in 1966. It has a Boar’s head carving on the belly of the stock wtih a floral motiff on the side, damascus barrels. It maybe French. I have seen 2 other similar gun on the net for 3 to 4k? I know the family didn’t pay nearly that much.
    I also have a Parker SXS 12 that my father had as a kid and the action is locedk up. I receveived it pretty much in pieces and would like to make it usable again.
    I live in southern NH

  2. Paul Miller says:

    Hi Gregg,
    I have found an interesting old side by side in reasonable nick with relatively plain black sidelock action with extractors and heavy 30″ barrels. It looks and has the feel of a very good quality SXS but it is a mystery as to what it is and its age. It handles beautifully. It was made by Fabbrica Nazionale Armi in Brescia Italy. It needs some tender loving care but it seems to be in good working order, superb trigger pulls, and with the addition of a decent pad and a really good clean…and possibly a re-blue of the barrels it could turn out well. No photo’s until I see it again next week. Any thoughts?
    Cheers from Australia….Paul

  3. Gregg says:

    Sorry for the tardy response. Did you get any pics of the gun?
    If you send them to me, I’ll give you a better sense of the gun’s value.



  4. vdunn says:

    gregg, buddy of mind got a merkle 50e 20ga 263\4 barrel lenth ic\mod english stock made for an austria market serial #47770 in the box any ideas on price list as new or used

  5. Gregg says:

    I’d say $3000 – $4000 if it’s all original. Nice, solid guns…

  6. Dave Nelson says:

    Have a muzzle loading 10g(?) Hammer double damascus barreled shotgun. IN SMITH & SONS on sideplates. LONDON on top of barreles some engrving, small gold band between hammers with a grouse(?) on top. Barrels about 36″ nice original wood. Any idea about the maker and value?

  7. Gregg says:


    Do you have any pics of your gun?

    Vintage shotguns are all about original condition. To judge the finish on your gun, I would have to see it. The more pics I see, the more I can tell you.

    There was a Smith & Son trading in London up until about 1870 or so. They disappeared after that.


  8. David Mosteller says:

    I have a really nice A.H. Fox SBT J grade 2 barrel set?

  9. Gregg says:


    Sounds like a nice Fox. What are the specs on it? How original is it?


  10. Al says:


    What’s the best email address to send you pictures of a gun that I’d like appraised?

  11. Gregg says:


    I’m happy to help out. Please drop me a note at:




  12. l.c. smith 12guage side by side with damascus barrel

  13. Ian Landine says:

    Hey Gregg,
    I have an old W Richards 44 Fishergate preston double barreled hammer gun. looking for some info on it. it is in fairly poor condition.
    serial number is either 8808 or 8088.

  14. lc smith sbs 12guage 30″ideal grade london steel barrel single trigger serial#4217 all parts match

  15. lc smith sbs 12guage 28″damascus barrel double trigger serial #36174 all parts match

  16. clive cook says:

    hi greg can you help me i have a 12 gauge 3 inch magnum with 34 inch barrles hammer with side plates . the make is armi poli gardone v.t . [bs] made in italy accliao wickers thank you clive

  17. Gregg says:


    Thanks for you note. Do you have any pics of our gun? I think Poli is still around in Italy and I know they’ve made a wide range of guns, from some basic models to some fancy ones. Pics would help me figure out which one you have.



  18. Ginger Johnson says:

    I have a 12 gauge double barrel shotgun I has the name Anson & Deeleys it also has E Wilson Norwich and # 1233 Would love to have some history and a value of this gun Thank you

  19. Jennifer says:

    Can you tell me the age of my A. Francotte Double Barrel Box lock Shotgun if I give you the serial number? I was told when I got it, that is was from the year 1900.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. The serial number is 31891.

  20. Tony V says:

    In the last 182 years, W.W. Greener has made thousands of double barrel shotguns. May of these shotguns have made there way into the US. The ones you usually are boxlocks like this FH 70, this 12 gauge Empire. Sidelocks like this are less common, but you do see them (that one was converted to a straight grip,  btw).

    W. W. Greener Hammer Double Barrel Shotgun
    The Greeners you rarely see are higher-grade, side-by-side hammerguns. Greener made lots of them, but they rarely show up – in the States or in the UK.

    What is this wort

  21. Tony v says:

    In the last 182 years, W.W. Greener has made thousands of double barrel shotguns. May of these shotguns have made there way into the US. The ones you usually are boxlocks like this FH 70, this 12 gauge Empire. Sidelocks like this are less common, but you do see them (that one was converted to a straight grip,  btw).

    W. W. Greener Hammer Double Barrel Shotgun
    The Greeners you rarely see are higher-grade, side-by-side hammerguns. Greener made lots of them, but they rarely show up – in the States or in the UK.
    Hi can anyone tell me how much this gun
    Is worth thanks

  22. Mariateresa Krneta says:

    canyou tell me the age and value of my husband’s A. Francotte 16 gauge double barrel side by side, serial # 87334, 28″barrel, blue finish metal, frame is case hardened finish and engraved, stock is nicely checkered and engraved with red rubber pad in excellent condition. Thank you.

  23. Missy says:

    My husband was giving a 16 gage side by.side double barrell shot gun with.the markings of richard on both sides in 1063 on the bottom and#22 under the barrell what can.we find out about this gun

  24. Gregg says:


    Thanks for your post. I’m happy to help you out.

    To help, I’ll need to know a bit more about your shotgun. Does it say anything other than Richard on it – maybe on the bbls?

    Do you have any pics? If you do, please send them to me at gregg@dogsanddoubles.com.

    I’ll take a look and tell you what I can.


  25. christina says:

    i have a double barrel 12 guage 3/4 inch fie 2 trigger shotgun. also says boito brazil on the underside. would you have any idea what would this be worth?

  26. D Corbin says:

    A friend who is in bad health has asked me to see if I can find out about a gun he has. It looks like it says Anfley H Fox. SN 34978. Savage arms printed on barrel. 12 ga. double barrel. He says apart it says grade A and something about sterling. It is not in real good shape. He starts kemo soon and would like to know about how old this gun is and an approximate value.
    Any help you could give would be greatly apprieciated.
    thank you

  27. Gregg says:

    Thanks for the post. I’m happy to help out, but I need to know more about the shotgun. If sounds like an A grade, so depending on its configuration and condition, it could be worth anywhere from $1000-$3500.

    If you can get more details on it and send me some pics, I can tell you more.

    Thanks again,


  28. Brad G says:

    Hi Gregg, I just sent you some pictures of my 20 Gauge Fox Sterlingworth. I wanted to mention that I am also looking to sell the gun.

    Brad G

  29. Gregg says:


    Emails received. Thanks for sending. I just sent a reply. Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


  30. tom says:

    i have a jc higgins-model 101540 410 side by side shot gun what is it worth

  31. Kevin brockett says:

    I have old double barrel shotgun would like to know little more about it Will send you some pictures there’s only one marking says premier what website should I send these pictures to

  32. Gregg says:


    I would be happy to look at them for you.

    Please send pics to me at: gregg@dogsanddoubles.com



  33. joe says:

    i have a double barrel 16 gauge shoutgun the maker is centcal firarms co st louis u.s.a. 6016 20 inch barrel

  34. JimAbrams says:

    Thought I’d take advantage of your offer to provide information re: double guns.
    I have an Ithaca that I have been only able to find scant info on:
    Ithaca NID 10 gauge magnum, serial 500904
    34″ barrels bored F-F with twin ivory beads
    Beavertail Forearm….all stampings and serial number match frame
    Ithaca recoil pad…has been stored “nose down” so pad is not compressed at all. Previous owner would rub Vaseline on it to preserve the rubber.
    Double triggers-extractors
    75% case color
    90%+ blue
    90%+ wood finish; no cracks or issues
    Simple domed black smooth grip cap.
    Thanks for anymore you can tell me…

  35. Gregg says:

    Sorry, I don’t know much about that maker. Try Googling the name and see what comes up.

    Thanks for the note.


  36. Gregg says:

    Thanks for the note. I sent you an email with more info in it.

    The gun sounds like an Ithaca NID Magnum 10, made in 1941. Super guns.

    Any pics?


  37. James says:

    Stumbled on your site while trying to find more info on my dads Shotgun. Wondering if your still doing Appraisals?
    What I’ve been able to find out so far
    16 gauge side by side
    made by Josef Hammbrusch in 1956 Ferlach, Austria
    looks like it was signed by the engraver F.Just
    lots of pictures if you’d like to see

  38. Gregg says:

    Sorry for the late reply.

    If you send me pics, I’ll help you out.



  39. Howard Woller says:

    Looking at a Beretta BL-4 with two sets of barrels One skeet/skeet other one M/ic.Its in a Browning case. 90-95% How much is it worth? Ball park is close enough.

  40. Gregg says:

    Depends on the gauge – $1000-$1200 if it’s a 12g, $1400-$1600 if it’s a 20g

    Those prices would be even higher if it’s an odd configuration — like straight grip and double triggers.

    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.


  41. Spider Gilliam says:

    Spider Gilliam says:
    I have a Max Knoll sbs 12ga ( on 16ga frame) shotgun (sn 231) with Krupp Fluss Stahl Essen nitro bbls 27 3/4″, mod-full chokes, mirror bores, dbl triggers, Anson@Deely action, Greener crossbolt, auto ejectors, side clips, straight English stock, no cheekpiece, splinter forend, scalloped receiver, cocking indicators and non auto safety. The coin receiver is fully hand engraved along with trigger guard w/long tang. Stock has 12 lines pi of deep cut checkering w/ 14 5/8″ lop to Whiteline pad.
    Thanks, Spider

  42. Gregg says:

    Hi Spider-

    Thanks for your comment – the first of 2015!

    It sounds like you have a nice gun there. Do you have any pics of it you could share with me? That will help me give you a more accurate assessment of its value.

    You can send images to Gregg@dogsanddoubles.com

    Thanks – and Happy New Year.

  43. Libby R. says:


    Ive been trying to research a holland & holland SxS hammerless shotgun. It does not have any fancy engravings. Its a 16g. I will included photos via email. My husbands buddy wants to buy this shotgun from him….so I was hoping you could help us out with a ballpark price. I have a feeling that this shotgun is worth more than what my hubbys buddy offered. (A couple of hundred dollars).

    Thanks in advance

  44. Chris S. says:

    Hi Gregg,

    I emailed you (including pics link) regarding my Lefever GE…hoping you saw it. As explained, it bears two attributes that I understand to be less common to G grade Lefevers: (1) Ejectors, and (2) Royal steel barrels.

    Thoughts on what it’s worth?

  45. doug says:

    I am looking at a Beretta Bl3 that they are telling me is a left-handed gun. I doubt that. the ser.# is b36363. they want $600 for it which I think is a fair price. there are no scratches or marks on it. the barrels look perfect. it has 30″ barrels bored full and IM.

  46. Gregg says:

    Yeah – I don’t think those guns are cast for left-handed shooters or right-handed shooters. I think the stocks are neutral.


  47. Brooks Harman says:

    Trying to find the value of my shotgun and your email above did not work. Do you have a new email for evaluations?
    thanks much

  48. Brooks says:

    is this web site still up and running?

  49. Brooks says:

    looking for an appraisal Help??

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