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My Dog

Meet Puck.

Puck pointing

Puck is an Elhew-bred English Pointer from Autumn Memory Kennels. She’s a real sweet dog and very smart.

She has a lot Elhew style, a mild temperment, and a ton of heart. She’s out of Elhew Discovery and Autumn Memory Wildfire. Elhew Snakefoot is her grandfather on both sides (X Elhew Calamity Anne on the dad’s side, X Elhew Autumn Whisper on her mom’s).

I’ve had Puck with two professional trainers. She spent her first summer with Al Ladd at Woodcock Haven Kennels. Al’s a great trainer. He used to train dogs for the legenday English Pointer breeder Bob Wehle and he has a slew of major wins in the wild-bird trials.

Puck has also been to Jim Keller at Wildwind Kennels. Jim is also an excellent trainer and he’s well known on the Springer Spaniel field-trial circuit. In 2006 Jim won the US National Open (the world series of springer trials) with a dog named Crosswinds Warpath “Zip.” Jim also trains pointing dogs and he does a great job with them.

Puck ran in her first field trial on May 17, 2008. I ran her in the Gun Dog stake at the Mid Coast Maine Field Trial Club’s spring trial. Puck place first in this event, ahead of the eleven other dogs that ran. Needless to say, I was quite surprised and very proud of her.

Puck and Me

This picture is courtesy of Chris Mathan at the Sportsman’s Cabinet.

11 Responses to “My Dog”

  1. What a beautiful animal — and I’m not surprised she won the blue ribbon.

  2. Tom Christman says:


    Great site! You are on my favorites.
    Hey, since you had a britt and now have an english pointer I thought I would ask your thoughts on the differences. I may be looking for a dog shortly. I have always been a lab man since I used to do a lot of duck hunting. Over the years that has changed to bow hunting and grouse hunting. I had been without a dog for a number of years but for the last 10 months have been taking care of a beautiful lab for an owner that is out of the country. I only have her for 7 more weeks and I’m realizing how much I like having her around. So it may be time for a new dog. What I would like is a smaller breed that would work well in the house. My wife would prefer one that doesn’t shed. I would like a close working dog for grouse that is family friendly since I’m also hoping for grandkids in a few years. Your thoughts?

  3. Gregg says:


    Thanks for your note. I’m an English Pointer guy, 100%. I would recommend getting one. Once you get used to watching one hunt, it’s hard to walk behind any other breed (except maybe an English Setter). When an EP goes on point it POINTS. There’s a real intensity there that’s thrilling to see.

    Of course, I haven’t seen every Britt out there. There may be some that are just as dynamic, intense and athletic in field. I haven’t seen any, though.

    EPs do shed. I don’t remember if my Britt did shed.



  4. Daniel Riviera says:


    I got to your site from Steve Bodio’s blog. I live in Northern California and have three dogs from Autumn Memory Kennels – all fantastic dogs. Mine are a couple years younger than Puck. They’re out of Iceman and Daisy Mae (two males) and Iceman and Phantom Lady (female). Your dog looks great, of course, and her genetics could not be better. I know how wonderful she must be, because I have three of them just like her!

    In early August we head to North Dakota to train for a month, and then will go on to Saskatchewan in September.

    May you and Puck have many wonderful years together!


    P.S. I am into vintage doubles, as well. I have Steve to thank for that wallet-drainer!

  5. Gregg says:


    Thanks for your note. Three EPs from Autumn Memory! You’re a lucky guy. Please keep me posted on your hunting adventures. It sounds like a great time.

    Take care,


  6. Vanda says:

    Dear Greg!
    Grate site! congrats!

    Greeting from Hungary!

    Best Regards


  7. Gregg says:


    Thanks. Great looking dogs on your site.


  8. Eric Jacobs says:

    I’m a Discovery fan and like Puck very much.
    Eric Jacobs

  9. Gregg says:


    Thanks for the comment. Do you have any Discovery dogs?


  10. Eric Jacobs says:

    Yes ,I have a male by a son of Danzig which is inbred Discovery. Loved Discovery first time I saw him many years ago. You may e-mail me directly.

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