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  PIOTTI KING ROYAL SXS 16 GAUGE: MADE 1999 28″ 010 AND 018 2 3/4 DOUBLE TRIGGER EJECTORS SPLINTER FOREARM ENGLISH GRIP CASED EXCELLENT CONDITION 6LBS 8 OZ X 2″ X 1 7/16″ X 15″ Price: $29,500 J. Purdey & Sons .303 Sidelock Side-by-Side Double Rifle: Beautifully made J. Purdey & Sons .303 sidelock non ejector double rifle. 25 […]

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Ejectors are unnecessary for most of the shooting I do. Even though I like the gratifying punfk! that spent shells make when they’re kicked from the barrels, I can’t think of a situation where this feature has actually benefited me. I  bet this is true for most shotgun shooters in the US. That’s why non-ejector British […]

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