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We used to have one big bed for both Lexi & Sky (the green one to the left). But that didn’t work. Sharing was not something they wanted to do. So I bought another bed. Now they fight over the new one, even though the older one is bigger. Go figure.

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Creating superior grouse dogs…

I’ve never met Mark and Kathy Wendling, but I know we share a passion for grouse dogs. The Wendlings own Superior Pointers and I’ve learned a lot about the ins-and-outs of Elhew Pointers from their website. The site’s Rambling Thoughts section features 13 short articles of interest to anyone with a passion for bird dogs and upland hunting. Wing On […]

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Last fall I headed down to Addieville East Game Farm to prepare an article for Shooting Sportsman magazine. Well, my article just came out, and here are some of the pics the magazine didn’t use. The pups are Elhews from Chokebore Kennels. The other dogs are from Addieville, including those great looking English Cockers.

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