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Remington 1894 are the Rodney Dangerfields of American Doubles. Even though they’re as well made as other American SxSs from that period, they get no respect. They don’t command nutso prices, either. And hat’s great new for anyone who appreciates fine SxSs AND likes getting deal. The 1894 you see here is a rare model. While almost all […]

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Nice hammerguns are to find. So when I saw these three on Saturday at the preview for James D. Julia’s 3/12 auction, I stopped and gave each one a closer look. They’re nice shotguns, and all three –a 28 gauge, a 20 gauge, and a lightweight 20 gauge — are very hard to find. LOT: […]

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Guns, guns, guns!

Just a quick update before the weekend. I’m heading up to Maine to chase woodcock with Puck. I’m very excited to see some birds and get the dog in the woods. The woodock should be back in full force, so I hope to see a bunch of them. We may get out in the evening […]

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