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My latest piece for Sporting Shot came out last week. Sporting Shot is the online brother of Shooting Sportsman magazine; my piece is about a spectacular collection of shotguns and rifles that I discovered last year. The 12 gauge Daniel Fraser & Co. shotguns you see here are from that collection. As you can see, […]

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Dickson round actions are one of those shotguns that guys go crazy about. First patented in 1880 and the refined throughout the 19th century, these doubles are made on a unique trigger-plate action that gives the guns their unique, rounded look. Because they’ve been making side-by-sides for 100+ years, Dickson round-action shotguns are easy to […]

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How much would you pay for a 4 gauge double barrel shotguns? For one person, the answer was $86,250.00. That’s what this 4 bore Dickson brought the other day at Julia’s March 2012 auction. With 42″ barrels, and weighing in at over 22 pounds, this gun is a beast. Eccentric British collector Charles Gordonhad it […]

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