Next up, a Pulitzer…

Shooting Sportsman just published my first feature-length magazine article in their July edition. It’s about Addieville East Game Farm, Chokebore Kennels, and Robin Hollow Outfitters.

Shooting Sportsman magazine, July edition
Shooting Sportsman magazine, July edition

I visited them last fall and had a great time at all three.

A Sporting Trifecta

“Move up there and get ready to shoot,” Jack told me.

We were five minutes into our hunt and already had a point. It was a Saturday morning in October, and I was at Addieville East Farm, in northwest Rhode Island. Manager Jack O’Brien was my guide. As the sun broke above the trees, autumn’s reds and golds seemed to burst all around us. I had a field of cover and the whole morning ahead. Life was good….”

Please check out the July issue to read the rest.

And Hemingway, look out.

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