Found! Info, rules, guidelines for Field Trials…

I’ve been trying to find some information about Field Trials for some time now. The rules and information about these events are not easy to come by.

Fortunately, a few friends pointed me to some info. Here’s what they showed I me. This info cleared up some of the questions I had about. I hope it does the same for you. If you know of any more resources, please send them my way:

Organizations that support Field Trials:

Official website for the American Field Trial Clubs of America (AFTCA)
Rules, requirements and information:

AFTCA By Laws and Running Rules(pdf)

Minimum Requirements for Field Trials for all Pointing Dog Breeds (pdf)

Guidelines for Field Trials (pdf)

William Harnden Foster — Top Coverdog of the Year Award site

Information for New Trialers — from Harnden Foster Award site

Magazines about trialing:

American Field Sporting Dog & Field Trial News

Field Trial Magazine
Here’s my English Pointer Puck pointing a grouse:

Puck pointing

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