Original or Redone – Fox CE 12g?

Holy smokes! Check out this Fox CE 12 gauge double barrel shotgun (4 pictures below). It’s owner just posted this string about it in the forum on the Fox Collector’s Site.

This gun threw me when I first saw it. It was completed in 1912, so it’s almost 100 years old and it looks like it was made yesterday. Just look at all that color – 100% – and hardly any fading at all. And then there’s the amazing condition of the wood/checkering and the uniformity of the blueing on the barrels. There’ s almost no wear – anywhere. This old side-by-side has barely been used.

Fox CE 12 gauge SxS shotgun - bottom of action

Original Fox CE 12 gauge double barrel shotgun - toplever view

Original Fox CE 12g Double Barrel Shotgun - side view

Fox CE 12 gauge double barrel side-by-side shotgun - butt stock

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