Auction alert! Exceptional 20g Purdeys, February 21st…

Two super nice looking 20g Purdey double barrel shotguns are being auctioned off on Saturday, February 21, in Peterborough, NH, by The Cobbs Auctioneers. These side-by-sides are in nice condition with lots of color and excellent blueing. Purdey 20 gauge shotgun, made in 1926They’re both in their original Purdey cases and they include their original accessories. Both guns are Best-quality with straight-grip stocks and double triggers.

This first one is from 1926. I think this is the better of the two. Check out all the color on the action and the finish on the wood – nice and original. I also like how the drop points look old, but not worn. The auctioneer’s listing has the chokes on this gun at Cylinder and Improved. It also says the bbls have been reblued.

This next gun is from 1951. It has 26″ barrels along with a lot of color and original finish. The listing has this gun as all original. 20 gauge Purdey shotgun, made in 1951It may well be – it’s hard to tell from the pics. The estimate on both these gun is $30- $40,000. I think they’ll probably go in the high $20-low $30,000 area. Of course, the auctioneer doesn’t list the bore and barrel-wall measurement on either gun. Without those, it’s hard to assess the gun’s real value. But if they’re all good, a dealer would probably ask around $40,000 for either one.

I’ve dealt with the folks as Cobbs a few times and I’ve always found them to be honest and helpful. That being said, I would have a real pro look over any gun before I bid on it at an auction. IF you need assistance, a friend of mine in the Portsmouth, NH, area may be able to help you out. For a fee plus travel expenses, he’ll inspect the gun for you and give you a complete review. On guns as expensive as these, the money he charges is well worth it. You can reach him at Britannia Sporting Arms.

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