Auction update: fair prices for 20g Purdeys….

It looks like there are still plenty of people out there with money. Last Saturday, February 21, Cobbs Auctioneers in Peterborough, NH, auctioned a couple nice 20g Purdey double barrel shotguns. Congratulations to their new owners. The prices they paid were respectable – a little under their pre-sale estimates – but still solid.20 gauge Purdey shotgun, made in 1951

This first Purdey went for $28,000 plus an 18% buyer’s premium. This brings it’s total price to just over $33,000. This 20g was made in 1951. It had 26″ bbls and a straight grip and it was in its original Purdey case with all its accessories.

Purdey 20 gauge shotgun, made in 1926

I though this second Purdey side-by-side was the nicer of the two shotguns. It hammered down at $24,000, costing $28,320 in all. That’s a pretty reasonable price for a 1926 Purdey from 1928 with lots of original finish, it’s original case, and all it’s accessories.

It will be interesting to see how well the used gun market holds up over the next year or so. Prices have really popped over the 5 years and a lot of people think this just one more bubble about to burst. We’ll see.

Julia’s March Firearms Auction is just a few weeks away. There are a lot of big-ticket doubles in this one- Purdeys, Fabbris, high-end Parkers, an LC Smith 5E – and Julia’s is known for driving fat prices.

I’ll be heading up to Julia’s in a few weeks to take a look at the side-by-sides in their sale. Check back for more info about the highlights of the auction.

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