Good gun alert – Boss 20g SxS!!

Heads up! I just got a line on a 20g Boss SxS double barrel shotgun. It’s coming up to auction this Monday, September 21st, at 5pm. It is at Braswell Galleries in Norwalk, CT.

Boss & Company Trade Label
Boss & Co. Trade Label

I have not seen the gun, but I talked to the auctioneer about it. He told me it was a 20g with 26″ barrels, single trigger, splinter forend, and a straight grip. It’s cased and I was told that it was in 90%+ all original condition. This is its first time on the market.

It’s an early 9000-range serial number, so it was made from about the late 1950 to the early 1960s. While this is not the best era for a Boss, they did make some very nice guns during this period.

This double barrel is being sold without a reserve, so it could turn into a deal. I have not seen it or inspected it. However, if it’s all good and it really is in 90% all-original condition, I would say it’s a $40-$45,000 gun, full retail. A brand new 20g SxS from Boss & Co. is around $110,000 right now.

There are a few 20g Boss double barrels on the market right now. This one is nice. It was made in 1949 and the asking price is $57,500. Osprey also had this one. It’s another nice gun, from a better period. I’m not sure what he got for it – probably around $60,000 or more.

As for other Boss shotguns on the market, Lewis Drake has this minty 12g with 26″ bbls. He want $48,500 for it. There’s also this pair of round-body 12g Boss side-by-sides at Jaquas. Those guns are $90,000 – not a bad price, really. New today, those guns would easily cost you $200,000+.

Drop me a note if you want to know more about this gun or about any Boss shotguns.

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