Good Gun Alert — Reilly 4 bore SxS

The gun: an E.M. Reilly 4 bore side-by-side, double barrel hammer shotgun. 36″ damascus bbls, Jones-under lever action. Probably circa 1870. Being sold with NO RESERVE.

E.M. Reilly & Co. London
E.M. Reilly & Co. London

Who has it: Brzostek’s Auction Service2052 Lamson Road, Phoenix, NY 13135 (a little northwest of Syracuse)

When’s the auction: Friday, January 1. 2010

The good news: A top-quality, London-made big-bore double, probably owned by a serious waterfowler. It looks pretty original and unmessed with. It’s in its original case. The auctioneer says it came out of a mid-Atlantic estate. Nice engraving.

The bad news: There’s a lot of rust on the outside of the barrels and on the forend iron. There doesn’t appear to be too much rust inside the bbls. The external rust may be superficial and it may clean up pretty easily. Or the bbls may be scrap. I don’t know.

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7 thoughts on “Good Gun Alert — Reilly 4 bore SxS

  1. I BOUGHT IT & I GOT IT TODAY, FEB 3, 2010. It is as you described and as I expected. I’m taking the old girl to Jim Kelly’s Darlington Gun Works tomorrow for estimates on restoration. I know that it won’t be cheap!

    Best Regards, George

  2. OWD: I want to thank you again for the “heads up” on the 4 bore Reilly. It’s back from Jim Kelly’s and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out. I’m sitting here looking at it and marvelling at the workmanship that went into both it’s production and it’s renovation.
    I sincerely hope that someday you’ll get to see it. I couldn’t make it to the Vintager’s. By any chance will you be coming to the Southern SxS near Georgetown, SC at the end of October. I plan to be there & will bring it.

    Best Regards, George

  3. Regarding the case restoration, contact Hill Rod and Gun in Bozeman, MT. Tell Charlie that Maynard refered you to him. He is a straight shooter. Recently purchased a E.M. Reilly 20 bore. It shoots better than I do.

  4. Hi George do you have any pictures of the reilly 4 bore ,did it turn out all right. I collect reilly hammer guns I have a double 8, single 8,double 10,and many others. if you have any photographs of the 4 bore I would be pleased to see them thanks Roger

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