Reilly 4 bore bring $4700…

On January 1, the E.M Reilly 4 bore side-by-side hammer shotgun I posted the other day hammered down for $4,700. With the premium, that comes to $5,170.

E.M. Reilly Shotgun
E.M. Reilly Shotgun

I talked to the purchaser. He didn’t inspect the gun before he bid, so he’s a very brave guy. He said he has been looking for a double-barrel 4 bore shotgun for a long time. I guess they’re quite are. The buyer plans to clean the gun up as best he can. He’ll report back when he’s through.

There’s an interesting thread about the gun here. One of the posters pointed out that this Reilly was converted from a breechloading pinfire to a breechloading centerfire. Check out that thread for the details.

You can see some excellent pics of how pinfires work here.

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