Good Gun Alert: 20g Super Fox, 10g Nichols & Lefever A grade…

A couple rare American double-barrel shotguns coming up Greg Martin’s March 14th auction. Scroll down for more info.

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A.H. Fox HE 20 gauge side by side shotgun

The first is this 20 gauge A.H. Fox HE, or Super Fox, shipped from Fox in 1931. Fox made about 300 of these HE-grade side-by-side shotguns — just sixty in 20 gauge and the rest in 12. These guns were heavy, overbored doubles made for wildfowling with Western Cartridge’s Super-X ammo. For the story behind them, check out Chapter 15: Super-Fox from Michael McIntosh’s book A.H. Fox: The Finest Gun in the World.

The other rare double barrel is this 10 gauge Nichols & Lefever A-grade hammer shotgun. Nichols & Lefever was an early partnership between John Nichols and Daniel Lefever. Together they made hammer guns from 1876-1879. These side-by-side shotguns came in six grades: A, AA, B, C , D & E. The AA cost $300 in 1877 – many times more than most Americans made in a year. You can read more about Dan Lefever and his companies here.

Nichols & Lefever 10 gauge A grade hammer shotgun

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1 thought on “Good Gun Alert: 20g Super Fox, 10g Nichols & Lefever A grade…

  1. I have a Nichols and Lefever 10 gauge double barrel with two dogs engraved on the side plates along with designs and John A Nichols Maker engraved. Also has an engraving of dog with a bird in its mouth coming out of a lake on the bottom of the trigger guard and the 36 inch barrel is engraved. I’ve found serial numbers but no A,AA, B or any other marking on it. This gun came from West Virginia and belonged to my great grandfather. I was just wondering how I could find out more about it and a value of it. I was curious how much the Nichols and Lefever you had listed sold for. If it was only an Ithaca

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