How much for a cardboard box??

Collectors – they’re a crazy bunch. I’m always amazed by what people will pay for stuff. Just take a look at this cardboard box.

Winchester Model 37 shipping box
Winchester Model 37 shipping box

It’s an original shipping box for a 20 gauge Winchester Model 37 . It sold for $270.

The Model 37 is a hammerless, single shot, break open gun. You can buy this one for $395. It sure would look nice in that box.

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3 thoughts on “How much for a cardboard box??

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  2. If I owned the Winchester Model 37 20 ga. with a 28″ barrel, I would pay the price….no problem.
    It is such an added bonus to have the original box with a vintage firearm that it would be worth it.
    The model 37 in 20 ga. is a sweet single shot and it would look great parked next to my 37 16 ga. single. The Winchester Cooey line of singles (models 37A, 370, 84, 840,) are not as valuable but fun to own and hunt with guns. They are remembered as ‘first’ guns by a lot of hunters. Its a shame they don’t make them today.

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