Auction alerts – Parkers, LC Smiths, Lefevers….

There are some nice looking guns coming up this weekend. Here are a few of the auctions:

Lefever @ auction 9/25
Lefever @ auction 9/25

-20g Parker, 16g L.C. Smith
Sat. 9/25, 10am
Dunn & Madden Auction Services LLC, Hamlin, PA.

-12g L.C. Smith, 12g Ithacas
Sat. 9/25, 9am
Mountain City Realty & Auction, LLC, Roanoke, VA

-10g W & C Scott, Parkers, Bakers, Fox
Sat. 9/25, 10am
Belcher McPherson Auction Company, Marshall, MI

-12g Lefevers
Sat. 9/25, 10am
Pickett Auction Service, Stewartsville, MO

-12g Lefever, Syracuse gun, nice looking
Sat. 9/25, 10am
Beyer Auction Service Inc., Ludington, MI

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