Cold feet on a 4 bore punt gun–part 2…

This is part 2 of my post about the 4 bore Dougall punt gun. You can read part 1 here.

Dougall 4 bore punt gun
Dougall 4 bore punt gun

ME: I’ll take it. I’ll call you tomorrow to take care of the details. Standard, 3-day inspection period with standard refund terms, right?

DEALER: Three days from the time your dealer signs for the package. If the gun is not as described and as per our conversation, it can be returned for a complete refund.

ME: I’m confused. That’s not a standard inspection/return policy. I should be able to return it for any reason and for a full refund (less shipping, of course). That’s how it works. Agreed?

DEALER: What do you mean, for ANY reason? I have another guy that wants this gun badly.  We have a great reputation for delivering as described. But if you just “change” your mind, that is not acceptable.

ME: Anything can be anything. I’m not questioning your word or reputation. It’s just that you never know what could be wrong or off with a gun like this.

My ‘smith needs to look it over and OK it. If he has a problem with it, it gets returned. That’s how I do all my deals. If you’re not comfortable with this, let me know and we can go our seperate ways. No hard feelings.

DEALER: I am not selling this gun as a shooter. It has good mechanics but if there is a broken firing pin or internal wear that I am not aware of I am not goint thru all the trouble of sending it and then returning it.

My experience with people that have purchased in the past and wanted the 3-day guarantee and be able to return it for “anything” is not a good one.  I gather that you want this gun to be in 100% working order, and I am not going to guarantee that, as its value is its collectibility, not its shootability.

I don’t mean to be a hard ass, but you need to decide before we go any further.  As I said, I have another customer that has been with us for years and he wants the gun.  He even offered me more than the $2,500 but I told him I could not do that as you were first.

ME: OK.  I’m going to walk away. Without seeing it and having a chance to inspect it, I can’t agree to the deal. I appreciate your time.

DEALER: No problem.

So that’s the story. I don’t know if I did the right thing. I hope so.

Anyway, the gun is gone from the dealer’s site. Sold.

INSPECTION PERIOD, FROM DEALER’S SITE: All firearms we sell come with a 3-day inspection period. This inspection period begins from the date the weapon is delivered to you OR your dealer.

Dougall 4 bore punt gun
Dougall 4 bore punt gun
Dougall 4 bore punt gun
Dougall 4 bore punt gun
Dougall 4 bore punt gun
Dougall 4 bore punt gun

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2 thoughts on “Cold feet on a 4 bore punt gun–part 2…

  1. i started collecting market guns a few years ago and now surf the internet & saw your article. you have probably been asked a bunch of times about selling the punt gun. i just want you to know that i would be interested in buying it, if you decide to sell.


  2. I also collect market guns, and every time I come across this thread I cringe. Boy what a mistake passing that gun up for $2,500, I would have paid much more without even seeing it.

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