Good gun alerts…auctions in VT, NY, FL & MA…

Here are a handful of decent shotguns coming up at auction this weekend and next. There are also two Gatling guns coming up in MA:

Gatling Gun, one of two being auctioned off in Pittsfield, MA
Gatling Gun, one of two being auctioned off in Pittsfield, MA

-Saturday, 9/11, Wright’s Auction Service, Newport, VT. These guys have a 12 gauge Browning Pigeon Grade over and under, plus a Baker and some other stuff.

-Sunday, 9/12, Fontaine’s Auction Gallery, Pittsfield, MA This looks like a good auction to preview. Lots of Civil War stuff, plus some neat guns: A couple of Browning Superposeds (one looks salty), Belgian guns, 12 gauge and a 20 gauge Lightning, a pair of percussion pistols by the London maker D. Egg, a beat up Parker P-grade 12 gauge, and two Gatling Guns, one a very cool working reproduction of a 1862 Gatling Gun, the other the genuine article, from 1875.

-Saturday & Sunday, 9/18, 9/19, Hyde Park Country Auctions, Salt Point, NY Two nice looking shotguns here: a Cogswell & Harrison 16 gauge side-by-side in it’s original case and a Parker hammer gun.

-Saturday, 9/18, Turkey Creek Auctions, Citra, FL. They’ll be auctioning off this 4 barrel Browning Skeet Set.

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