I saw a blind woman today. She had a guide dog with her. She looked older, in a powder blue sweater. The dog was a German Shepherd. They were trying to board a bus.

Puck, my English Pointer, pointing a grouse
Puck, my English Pointer, pointing a grouse

The bus was paused at the curb, door open. The woman and the dog were probably ten feet from it. She commanded “bus” over and over, tugging on the dog’s harness each time. Her voice grew louder and louder. Each time the dog guided her towards the bus’s open door, she tugged backed, insisting they go the wrong way.

Finally, the bus pulled off. Scolding and curses followed. The dog crouched, ears down, its penance lost on the woman.

How many times have I been just as stupid with my own dog?

I was real ass the first few years I had Puck. Too demanding, stormy, insistent, I was inexperienced and foolish. I had to learn patience, along with the having the brains to trust my dog and enjoy my time with her. It has taken a while and I still have a ways to go. I’m glad my girl doesn’t hold a grudge.

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2 thoughts on “Stupid…

  1. What a touching blog. I am experienced with dogs and handicapped people, and this was a very useful reminder. After reading this I realized that I made the same mistake the day before yesterday. Do you have any suggestions about training dogs to help children with Autism? Thanks.

  2. Thanks for your comment. Sorry I just noticed it.
    The only kind of training I’ve done is for obedience and hunting.
    Good luck with your training,


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