Auction Alert – Forgot to mention…

I just found out about this auction and it looks like they have a nice double and some nice canoes.

Meissner’s Auction, New Lebanon, NY, 10/9

Ornate German Double Barrel Shotgun/Rifle?
Ornate German Double Barrel Shotgun/Rifle?

These guys have this ornate, German-looking double barrel shotgun coming up on Saturday. They’re calling it a shotgun, but it may be rifles. It looks like it has a set trigger.

It’s an interesting looking gun, worth checking out if you’re in the area.

You can see more pics of it here. Scroll down.

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2 thoughts on “Auction Alert – Forgot to mention…

  1. Hi Dale-

    Which shotguns are you referring to – the one featured in the post? That image is captioned “SPECTACULAR W & C SCOTT & SON PREMIER QUALITY TOP LEVER HAMMER GUN WITH ORIGINAL CASE AND ACCESSORIES”, so the gun was made by W & C Scott. I think it sold for around $12,000 a couple years ago. Do you have one like it?

    Thanks for your comment. Merry Christmas.


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