Day 3 of 2010 season, hanging with Bob…

Bob Foshay is an oddity in Maine. Grouse and woodcock are a side job for many of the hunting guides up here. They fill in the gaps between deer, bear, or moose season. Bob’s all about the uplands. Stuff with fur or racks? He doesn’t like them.

Master Maine Guide Bob Foshay
Master Maine Guide Bob Foshay

Bob’s also a dog guy. He thinks “dog.” He knows what makes them good, and he knows how they should hunt. He’s owned great Pointers and Setters and even had one of the first field-bred English Cocker Spaniels in the Northeast. He’s been following bird dogs for longer than I’ve been alive and he still makes it out to the field trials ever year.

So spending the day with Bob is a good time. We hunt some of the finest coverts in Maine — real classic stuff: craggly old apple trees, overgrown farm land, crumbling rock wall after rock wall. The area is rolling and hilly, too, so there are lots of “look at that” vistas and scenery. You feel like you’re stepping into in one Chet Reneson’s water colors.

Hunting with Bob is like a master’s class in upland hunting. For me, bird dogs and grouse hunting has been years of trial and error and error and error. One day with him is worth a couple of years of going it alone.

If you want to book a trip with Bob, drop him an email at:

Here are some pics from the day. Enjoy:

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