Parkers: D grade hammergun, decent DHEs…

There are a bunch of  decent, D-grade Parker double barrel shotguns on Gunbroker right now.

Parker D-grade hammergun, 10 gauge

The first one is this 10 gauge D-grade hammergun. To my eye, the gun looks cleaned up a bit. The action looks too silver to be all original. A few of the screws are buggered, so it has been monkeyed with a bit. The finish on the barrels is odd, too. The seller is offering a 3-day inspection and this is definitely a gun I would want a certified Parker expert to go over before I closed the deal.  It’s a rare gun, though.

There’s also this nice DHE 12 gauge on a #1 frame. This gun looks all original and it has it’s original butt plate. The gun weighs 7lbs, so it would be a nice shooter. I bet it won’t hit its reserve, though.

Here’s another 12 gauge DHE like the one above. It’s another nice side-by-side shotgun. This one has been on Gunbroker for a while, though, and it’s getting stale. I doubt it will sell.

Parker DHE double barrel shotgun, 12 gauge, 2-bbl set
Parker DHE double barrel shotgun, 12 gauge, 2-bbl set

Finally, there’s this 12g DHE two barrel set. The seller is calling it “Unique and Important.” I don’t know about that, but it is neat. It has two sets of damascus barrels–26″ and 30″. It also has sling swivels and a bunch of spare parts in their original paper envelope from Parker. According to the seller, everything on the gun letters as original. The finish on everything sure looks good. That canvas case is probably original, too. Pretty cool.

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