The week’s over, back to the grind…

Big thought on the last night of my week long hunting trip: I need to dry out, quit the BS, and get back to my real life.

Puck Pointing a Woodcock
Puck Pointing a Woodcock

Puck and I had just had 5 1/2 days on the ground hunting. We  lost one day to Maine regs (you can’t hunt on Sunday) and another to bad weather (Friday).  I’m not sure how many miles we drove–probably 600+. I’m sure Puck ran many marathons. She hunted as hard as she could all week.  Even though I  limited her to a few hours a day, she was raw and worn out by Wednesday. It’s amazing how much heart she has.

We saw a LOT of woodcock–more than last year. I stopped shooting them on Thursday. I had killed 6-7 by then. That’s enough for me. I may shoot another one this year, just to give Puck a chance to retrieve it. It’s amazing how much fire a dead bird put into her. As soon as she gets her teeth on feathers she’s three years younger and full of lightning.

Grouse wise, we didn’t have a ton of luck.  We did see about a dozen, but they did pretty solid job of running off, flushing wild, or just plain outwitting my Puck. She couldn’t catch any breaks and the grouse didn’t give her any

I know a lot of guys have been seeing more grouse this year, so I hope things will improve once the leaves are down and we have some solid cold weather. If we’re real lucky. we’re have very little snow, right through to Christmas. December is my favorite month to hunt grouse. No leaves, no hunters, quiet, still. I like the cold, the early sunsets, and the long shadows.

We ended our trip a new-to-us part of Maine and found a couple new places to hunt birds. I look for new covers  every time I go on a trip. I’ve been doing this the past few years and now I have places all over Maine where I can go.

Enjoy the pics.

Random info:

-Shot almost two boxes of purple, 16 gauge RST shells. Love the purple shells.

-Drank a bottle of Bulleit Bourbon and started in on some Evan Williams Single Barrel. Good stuff and a nice change from my former favorite: Wild Turkey.

-No salads or veggies all week. I focused on chili, straight from the can, along with Pop Tarts and Hostess’s Holy Trinity: Fruit Pies, CupCakes and SnoBalls.

-Drank a lot of coffee and visited an old vice of mine : Copenhagen. I was a bit jittery by the end of the week. Pretty understandable

-I decided that my damascus barreled, 1898 L.C. Smith 2E 16 gauge is my perfect upland gun.  I also learned  how awkward it is to use a hammergun in the field without practice. I was too nervous about a misfire to be comfortable and accurate with the gun.

-Got a third of the way through “Wedding of the Waters,” Peter Bernstein’s book about the Erie Canal. Very interesting. Amazing how much the canal changed our country.

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