To the guys I ran into west of Eustis…

Yeah – that was my truck parked by the side of the road. The big green one. The one your three rigs passed so you could drive up to where I was hunting. Way to be a bunch of jerks.

The guys I ran into yesterday

I was obviously there first. You could see I was going to hunt that cover. When I told you this, you should  have moved on. Guys with class would have. Not you clowns, though.

And yeah, I know I don’t own the woods. I heard you. But it’s not like we were hunting  a preserve. This is Maine. Like I told you, there’s 30,000+ acres of country up here and you guys have to pile out right where I’m hunting. Learn some friggin’ manners. Or GO BACK TO RI.

BTW: who hunts grouse with that many guys? There were at least six of you. It looked like you were getting ready to drive a corn field in South Dakota. Can’t imagine the clatter and ruckus once you let those dogs goes – beepers, bells, guys hollering back and forth.

Guess peace and quiet isn’t something you’re after.

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6 thoughts on “To the guys I ran into west of Eustis…

  1. Hi gregg I am one of those hunters from Rhode Island you ran into. First of all you parked in the middle of the logging road like a first class jerk. Second of all you were parked far enough away from the covert you could have been hunting four different places. Sorry I didnt take my mind reading medication yesterday. Lastly you were leaving the area all you had to say was hey guys I was just about to hunt here. We would have gladly left. However you were extremely rude and ignorant. Also Gregg their was only four of us the other truck was a very nice hunter from Connecticut. We all have our own dogs and we split up. Please get your facts straight before you make a fool of yourself on the internet. Thanks Gregg have a great season. Good luck Jon

  2. Hi Gregg — I am one of the other hunters from Rhode Island. When we saw your truck parked on Tin Pond Road (in the middle of the road I might add) one-third of a mile away from where we were parked and hunting, we didn’t know if you were a moose hunter or a bird hunter, since there was no dog box or anything else in your truck to indicate what type of hunter you were, and we didn’t know which side of the road you were on or where you were hunting. You didn’t need to be so rude — all you had to say was that you were hunting this area and we would have moved on. We were a party of four each with our own dogs. Happy hunting! Scott

  3. Please, it was less than 150 yard to my truck. Probably more like 100.

    My truck was not on Tim Pond Road, either. It was pulled off. Of course, when you travel in monster SUVs with a crew the size of an Army platoon, I can see why you would need more room than a logging truck to get around.

    And one more thing – why didn’t you offer to leave once you saw I was there? Someone in your party noticed me before you guys piled out into the road. I was walking over to flush a bird my dog had pointed. You didn’t hear me shoot because I didn’t know where you guys were and I couldn’t run the risk of peppering someone with shot.

    And did you still think I was a moose hunter once you saw me, my dog, and the shotgun? Or when I told you I was going to hunt the spot you guys were bullying your way into?


  4. This is not even worth a reply.

    FYI — we were sitting on the tailgate of the truck and hadn’t even ventured into the woods. WTF — You’ve got a real problem. I hope we never run across you again.

  5. ATTENTION HUNTERS NOONE ELSE CAN HUNT MAINE GREGG WAS THERE FIRST. You were leaving how did we bully you?????? You are a true preserve hunter gregg again good luck to you.

    Best suggestion ever. Actually, I’ll give you guys all the area south of the York tolls. I want the rest of the state.
    Hell- take Grand Lake Stream area, too. I’m feeling generous. I never make it all the way up there anyway..
    Something else: Saw your email address: were you guiding clients?

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