Happy Thanksgiving!

In celebration of Thanksgiving, here are some Turkey slayers to check out. Turkeys are big birds and killing them takes a bunch of lead.

Cashmore 10 gauge side by side hammer shotgun
Cashmore 10 gauge side by side hammer shotgun

Here are a few guns that can through a bunch of shot at one:

W.W. Greener 10 gauge

L.C. Smith, Grade 2, 10 gauge

W. Cashmore 10 gauge hammergun

Here’s a video of some guys turkey hunting with a dog. Looks like fun:

This video is interesting. He’s wildfowling, not turkey hunting. The gun is an 8 gauge. It would be perfect for turkeys. Watch him fire it off.

This video show’s a traditional English punt gun in action. I’m not sure which gauge the gun is, but I bet you could swat a flock of turkeys with it:

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