10 bore Purdey Double Rifle…

Here’s a rare double rifle. It’s a 10 bore James Purdey, with a Jones underlever and rebounding hammers with stalking safeties.

Purdey 10 bore double rifle
Purdey 10 bore double rifle

The barrels are original fluid-steel barrels with full rifling. The beast is from the mid-1880s and it weighs around 13 pounds. Bore rifles like this were made for black powder loads and they were popular before the development of more potent nitro express loads.

This gun has two unusual features. This first is a snap-action underlever.On most Jones underlevers, you crank the lever out and perpendicular to the action to open the gun. To close it, you do the reverse. On this gun, the lever snaps shut on its own when the gun is closed. This makes reloading the rifle, and getting it back into action, a bit quicker. Even though it  saves just a tiny bit of time, it would be a big advantage if you were facing a charging Cape Buffalo.

The second unusual feature on this rifle is the third bite on the action and barrels. This extra bite gives the action a little more locking power on the barrels. Considering the amount of pressure the loads in this gun generated, Purdey decided to give the action all the help possible.

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